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  1. Stuart's : ''Hot girl 9 o'clock....Don't everybody look at once..'' (singing mode) That made me chuckle ^^!!
  2. Hi Lis! Have fun among us
  3. ''Blink twice if you're here against your will.'' ''Blink once if you think Penny is hot.'' or... ''Don't blink if you want to be her.''
  4. That's a Yum ! Vanilla pie ?
  5. Yum- :D How 'bout... spice nuts
  6. I can only state, not vote that I'm dressing up like Stuart. T-shirt with shirt regularly.
  7. Thanks Kit ! And ofcourse thanks everyone posting my intro :D
  8. Thanks !! I will give my best to tribute being a part here in the future. And it's completely fine! (didn't mind the delay whatsoever) ^^ To add that I might have an other open account still ''waiting'' to be confirmed (named: StuArt) Can you please delete that one? My regards ^^
  9. Yum Yum Yum :D Chocolate muffins?
  10. I love Bernadette. I'm so happy for Howard ^^!!
  11. Hii everyone! I'm a newbie here. My name is Sake (yup it's my real name) :D and I so love The Big Bang Theory!! Maybe weird, but I'm a huge fan of Stuart My hobby's are all kind of things, but I think mostly anime/manga ^^!! Will come back on the rest later, heeh.
  12. Bernadette is so adorable, sweet and cute. )
  13. I love the vid, I love Ladytron :D
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