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  1. I actually think he knew that, but he was hinting to it, hence his winkysmiley.
  2. I didn't mean any specific episode, I was just doing a rhetorical point, hence Sheldon's reaction in the Comic-book Store.
  3. Happy new year everyone! And soon TBBT is back with a BANG!
  4. You fool! Once my mind is PRE-blown it can't be RE-blown! .. ... .... Wait till you see episode 14, it will knock your SOCKS off! .. Good luck getting them back on! (Evil happy face)
  5. I'm guessing better actually. Fans and media would've loved that L/P and K/J both were together and it would just be lovely. lol.
  6. I don't think Sheldon agrees with you there. He doesn't think of Penny as an equal at all
  7. How I love this episode. The L/P storyline is well written and viewed in a funny way, and Sheldon's board-game screw-up was hilarious.
  8. So, what you're saying is that you need a PhD to be considered interesting or smart nowadays?
  9. Thinner? Does a person need to have anorexia nervosa to be considered beautiful? I mean, she looks way more healthy now than she did the first seasons... Woah, what I would give to get me a girlfriend like Kaley/Penny.
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