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  1. 6-13 may well turn out to be one of my all-time favorites (I hope that's not a spoiler, unless it makes you go in with your mind pre-blown). :)


    You fool! Once my mind is PRE-blown it can't be RE-blown!






    Wait till you see episode 14, it will knock your SOCKS off!


    Good luck getting them back on! (Evil happy face)

  2. Educational "smarts" don't necessarily make someone more or less interesting. If we take the characters in the show for example, a lot of people would rather chat with Penny than Amy (I know the Shamy lovers will jump in and say no way, but if you did a poll you know in your heart the majority would pick Penny (no PhD) over Amy (has PhD), also I personally would rather have a chat with Leonard (has a PhD) than Sheldon (also has a PhD), whilst my favourite character is Sheldon, I think I would get on better with Leonard.



  3. Actually I'm very attracted to brainy women, but reading Mayim's blog and her creepy ideas about child-raising, vaccines, religion, wearing 'modest clothing' etc, was an enormous turn-off.I find Kaley beautiful, but I also find Artii Mann (Priya) even more beautiful *sigh*....now there is a a goddess! I'd want an intellectual equal and someone I could argue with like Penny and Sheldon; I love that dynamic....


    I don't think Sheldon agrees with you there. He doesn't think of Penny as an equal at all   :icon_wink:

  4. Mayim has a PhD and is regularly regarded as the smartest person on the cast.  With Kaley I don't know what we would discuss other than nonsense about acting and hollywood related stuff, Mayim is definitely capable of bringing more depth to the conversation so I would choose her over Kaley.  Mayim is also intriguing because she has a PhD yet wastes her time acting.   Finding out why over the course of an evening would be a powerful incentive to go.


    So, what you're saying is that you need a PhD to be considered interesting or smart nowadays?

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  5. She overdid it I think with that dress considering its too short for her stature.  Had she worn that dress when she was thinner than yes she would be gorgeous.  


    Thinner? Does a person need to have anorexia nervosa to be considered beautiful? I mean, she looks way more healthy now than she did the first seasons...


    Woah, what I would give to get me a girlfriend like Kaley/Penny.

  6. That part must be sort of real. If u spin even for a few times, u will be dizzy. Try it.

    Kaley's falling looked real and Johnny trying to help her out.

    I also liked in that ep when kaley looks into the camera rt before they dive into the pies.

    Poor kaley


    Haha yeah, I noticed that as well. With Kaley staring anxiously into the camera before the pie-eating thingy!

  7. She isn't ugly by any means but she is not unique or out of this world..or as Ayebee would say "drop dead" 




    Well, yeah. It's not just her looks that make her so beautiful. Her behaviour, personality and everything about her (both Penny and Kaley). She is faaar faaaaaaaar away from the stereotypical blondes you see out there. 

  8. Kaley's alright.  She was much prettier in s1-s3 and on Simple Rules but she looks just average now. Too many girls look like her nowadays. *shrugs*



    TOO many girls? WHERE? NAME THEM! RAWRR.


    I think she is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen. From season 1 and even now. She is drop dead gorgeufrickinglicious.

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