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  1. May I ask what you mean with who said "No" to Bernadette? I don't get what you mean.
  2. Which taping report was it on 5th of December? Which episode, I mean... And how do you know what episode the next taping report is? I'm confused!
  3. Good episode, indeed, but I think it lacked something... Can't quite wrap my mind about what was wrong... Probably the lack of L/P interactions. =(
  4. EPISODE SOON! HAHAHAHAHAH CAN'T WAIT! What a promo! Even MY chest is tingeling.
  5. When you guys say "Double ILY" do you mean the ILY when the person who says it also gets it in response, or do you mean just a "Second ILY" from Penny?
  6. "Yeah, it's too big, that's the problem" Sheldon says sarcastically. I love that scene
  7. You know what this tells me? It tells me that the characters have developed perfectly. Not enough that we can say "he/she's a different person now", but still enough that we can see that they have matured during these seasons. An audience will never be 100% happy, but this tells me that the show almost couldn't have been better, imo.
  8. While I fully agree with you here C-trayne, I think it is important to have "filler"-episodes as well, because something can't progress in personality of the characters every episodes. That would also make it even more special WHEN the character progresses rather than seeing it every week, if you catch my drift.
  9. Indeed. It seems like the actors on the show really get along with each others regardles of age-differencies and of course personality, but they really gel into one big happy family... Everybody can't be BFFS with everybody, but I'm sure they're all friends. Good friends.
  10. Is it just me that thinks it is weird that Sheldon accepted a HAND-TOUCHED cookie from Leonard? Earlier he would never dare eating something touched by another human... I find it quite confusing tbh. (I'm very sorry if this has been brought up before, but I have no time to read through here)
  11. Funny twist this, but i'm afraid the HUB's "statements" could be answered with quite a logical reasoning, hence what the Cowpoke above me told you. I like how you think though.
  12. EEeeeey! This episode runs on my Birthday! Lucky me
  13. Yeah, I definitely think it's more like that! He likes to stir things up abit. Shellysmelly :D
  14. Haha, local clubs are always so adorable to support... I myself support a small team in Division 3 in Norway, but... They are worse than... Well... The teams in Division 1249128591285 in Argentina I suppose. :D
  15. OMG it's brilliant... Of course it's crazy, redundant and all that crap, but it's magnificent... I manage to visualize it as well. Great, great job my friend!
  16. Haha, yeah.. Trust me, when it has rained/snowed for 2 weeks without stopping you really don't want to see it ever again. SUN PLEAASE! :D
  17. Sounds like the weather I would dream of right now, walnutcowboy... 23.00 PM, -1 Degrees, Windy and raining heavily. I haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks now actually here in Oslo... And the forecast for the next week is bad... =(
  18. Hmm, looks like my assumption a few posts ago looks quite correct then? ^^
  19. A "nerd" is a person with very high IQ, which probably lowers his social intelligence. A geek, however, is a person who is extremely interested in a specific field, topic or hobby, i.e. (Star Trek, Computers, Football, Tennis, Games etc.) Their interest within this field is waaaay above average, which classifies them as "geeks". This is how I would classify these terms.
  20. That cannot be right... They have had several issues with Sheldon not being able to walk to and from work and that he needs Leonard to drive him to work every time... Of course, their workplace can't be a single stone-throw away, can it? That would ruin everything...
  21. There is little doubt that the curve for the L/P relationship is going upwards at the moment. They have managed to stick together even though plenty of arguments have stirred their relationship, which shows the true passion and love they share towards each others. Now, with the ILY, Leonard finally knows how Penny feels about him, which has been probably his biggest issue towards Penny. Throughout Leonard's childhood and youth he has never received any caring or love by a female... His mother was distant, and he hasn't had any women in his life who has actually told him that they love him. Now, he can actually relax and thrive in this position, and probably show alot of confidence around Penny, which is needed! However, what I do not like, is that they don't seem to be interacting them more after this ILY scene, and we have to wait so long.... "Make hay while the sun shines" is a saying, and I honestly think they should continue with more L/P interactions after this big moment!
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