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  1. The favorite moment has got to be when Raj faces his head some centimetres away from Howard's face. The look on Howard's face during that scene is hilarious. And of course, the ILY scene was something special... The only negative thing about this episode was the text from Alex right after the ILY, but apart from that: A great episode! Terrific! God damn, this show is brilliant. The actors and the characters are just soooo uniquely created. I LOVE IT! MWAHAHAHA!
  2. you wish there were 1 new episode each day.
  3. The first episode they meet... The last episode in Season 3!
  4. Ayebee

    Ep Idea

    BURNIDENT! Solve your throat-burning with a dent, now with extra anti-burning effects! Burnidents out in the store right now!
  5. When Kaley realizes that Jim has won the award: Another photo of Jim and Kaley just after the above.
  6. So you liked the photo I posted, ey? I can try search for it abit more, but I can't promise you anything! EDIT: Oh look at that! Jeanalice found it for you.
  7. Yeah, it sure is... But as someone stated in a different thread: We come for the comedy, but stay for the love... I am totally hooked on L/P atm, and really want to know what happens!
  8. Yeah, indeed... I wonder why they do it that way. I would love to see those scenes, and I would also love to see L/P confronting each others quite quickly after the ILY scene...
  9. From the Pilot: Penny: "Would it be totally weird if I used your shower?" Sheldon (Carelessly): "Yes." Leonard (Arguingly): "No." Sheldon (Questioningly): "No?" Leonard (Demandingly): "No!" Sheldon (Confusingly): "No.." Lol :D
  10. I bet you're right, but I don't like it at all... =( I really want to see more Lenny. Rawrrr!
  11. True! Playing different sorts of sports. TPBM owns Star-Trek uniforms.
  12. What about the L/P relationship? The ILY happened in episode 8, and in episode 9 and 10 nothing happens with them?
  13. You should look forward to the pics
  14. Haha, yeah, I suppose I should :D
  15. Some of Kaley now:! Rounding up with one of all of them:
  16. I don't know if some of these have been posted before, but posting them anyway. Moar Jim!:
  17. =' ( I'm just trying to blend in quickly with you guys in the forum. Even though I've watched the show for quite some time, i'm still a newbie here, so I thought the best way to gain friends here is to be cruel! Mwahahah! :D
  18. TPAM is one of the nicest, friendliest persons on this entire site (and i'm sure in the entire world as well). Hard to say anything negative about my good friend above me here.
  19. The problem is that I don't want to come up with some feisty, cool, nice, lovely ending for the show, BECAUSE I SIMPLY DON'T WANT THIS SHOW TO END! EVER! ((((((((
  20. NOoooo. I have reached the limit of positive votes for today =(
  21. Maybe he's a part of a new species that lives for hundreds of years, which means that he's basically still a toddler. :D
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