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  1. Indeed, in my "frustration" I forgot about all this. Spot on! And we mustn't forget that when Penny and Leonard parted ways, Leonard tried to stop her from leaving, by running after her yelling "Penny, wait!" only for him to smash into the door, due to his contacts.
  2. No babies = Show. Babies = No show. The writers know this, trust me. There will be no babies for quite a long time.
  3. I'm just curious... Are there people out there/here who actually believes that Sheldon and Penny getting together is a possibility? Not even in a different parallell universe will that ever be a slight possibility, even if there were 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 of the universes.
  4. Who's that on your avatar, Slicknickshady? Smokin'!
  5. TPAM can't make me stop smiling. An absolute delight in every way!
  6. I'm sorry buddy, but I have to disagree here. The first episode of this show, was about how Leonard and Sheldon interacted with Penny, and that Leonard had a huuuuge crush on her. It started with a love-drama, and it hasn't changed. In almost all of the created episodes, love and relationships are the center of the show. The show really hasn't changed that much when it comes to plots and storylines throughout these 6 seasons, even though many feel that way. And what is this you're saying? That Leonard didn't care for Penny in season 4? What about that trip to the science conference (or what it was), when Penny had to stay in Leonard's room. Obviously, Leonard was still deeply in love with Penny, and tried to find away to get back together with her, however, Raj ruined it all in the end.
  7. Then you're watching the wrong show, mate. This show has always been about love-drama, and will always be. Of course that's not the biggest part of the show, but it's necessary nevertheless.
  8. Remember that it took approximately 3 hours to make that episode.
  9. And where was this? In the bath-tub? Did they wear clothes? OMG, this spoiler is more than I can handle.
  10. Indeed, and I hope so too. Their relationship has been shaky all this season, but it looks like the writers are taking small steps to, in the end, actually strengthen the relationship drastically.
  11. Yeah, but that's the thing. Neither Penny nor Leonard realizes that other people hit on them, but it's the counterpart that notices! Leonard is saying that Penny's friend hits on her, but she doesn't see it, while Leonard doesn't understand that Alex hits on him, while Penny understood that in episode 3 in this season!
  12. 1. Sheldon 2. Howard 3. Penny 4. Raj 5. Amy 6. Bernadette (no offence, I like her, but I like the others more!) 7. The rest
  13. Did the spanking really happen on the set? I mean... Did you really see it those of you who were there?
  14. Nope, not so much . TPBM loves WoW.
  15. TPAM is kind towards everyone. A real cutiepie!
  16. Seriously? Almost two weeks to the next TBBT episode. Ohhhhhhhh gooooosh. What to do!?
  17. Haha, I feel for you Monique... I, on the other hand, has had a terrible day, because I put way too much of my life into football/soccer... Chelsea lost today, which just ruined my entire day.
  18. Fellas... TBBT will reach 10 seasons. Trust me
  19. Someone has really lost it... Replace Howard? Honestly? Give me a break!
  20. TPAM is such a great person, with a superb personality!
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