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  1. My favorite actor; and there really is NO doubt in my mind. Kevin James
  2. I absolutely agree with all of you here. To sum up: I really loved this episode. Back to the old days with Howard and Raj's bromance in the focus of attention again. The door-listening seen when Raj put his face a quarter of an inch away from Howard's face was priceless. Penny finally said ILY, and the way it came out was perfectly done, because it was so "in-character". However, the Alex-text Leonard received was quite a mood-killer. I thought the text was from Penny and was quite sad when I found out that it actually was from Alex. However, this is obviously looking better and better for L/P lovers out there (me included), and the fact that the show is on a Record-high numbers of viewers is soooo deserved. People who claims this show has declined since season 3 is just totally wrong. The additions of new faces were needed, and they have done it perfectly. Kudos! TBBT can go on for maaany more seasons. I promise you all that we will reach season 10.
  3. Thanks, and yeah, I am TPAM is so honest. Lovely! I wish you the best of luck in future endeavours!
  4. No (allergic) TPBM is into role-playing games.
  5. TPAM is an extremely pleasant person to be around.
  6. No, but my best friend does. TPBM is allergic to some animals.
  7. I'll fire up the next question: Have you ever cried in front of someone you have had a crush on?
  8. TPAM was kind to me when I chatted with him earlier today. Lovable!
  9. TRUE! The next person is definitely writing false. (HAHAH, see what I did there?)
  10. Onethousandsixhundredandfortytwo.
  11. Ayebee

    This or That?

    Skinny fries. Two and a Half Men or How I Met Your Mother?
  12. Good luck to you both, but which episode is this? Is this, like, episode 15 or something? Or is it like episode 10?
  13. I almost forgot to mention this one: Probably what made me laugh the most ever in TBBT. The 100th episode, where Leonard asks Penny out almost two years after their break-up. The funny scene(s) in this episode is the continuing story of the game that Raj, Howard and Sheldon play (Settlers). Sheldon is constantly looking for wood, and starts the erection of his settlement. And in the end of this scene. Sheldon says: "Where was I?", then Raj responds questioningly: "You were in the middle of an erection?". Sheldon then comes with this brilliant remark: "Oh of course, it's right here in my hand". That's just too funny. Those of you who don't remember this scene should deffo watch it again. It is spread throughout the episode though..
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