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  1. Why is it weird that people find Sheldon's reaction to Penny's mocking of Leonard funny?
  2. What I don't like though, is the lying Penny has introduced to the relationship. She is lying straight to his face, when she tells him that it was her paper, even though Bernadette and Amy helped her. A relationship with lies is the root to all evil.
  3. Indeed. The tables have definitely turned since season 3 when Leonard always looked the most likely to be "ditched", hence the american football-"party" at Penny's house, when Leonard embarrassed himself in front of both Penny and her friends. Now Penny is the one who needs to address her problems more than Leonard, which is quite interesting. "Pennyworld" is falling apart, because she is beginning to realize that a realize demands more than just the sexual goods. While Leonard is (as stated before) more successful than her in almost all aspects of life, Penny is beginning to grow and understand that a relationship requires a certain give and take. I really like how the writers are doing it. Season 6 FTW!
  4. Brilliant answer, mate. Appreciated! I haven't thought of it this way, but you sure as hell have a point here!
  5. Sheldon and Penny were NEVER close to getting together, EVER. It really is as simple as that.
  6. Nono, I bolded it. I'm just curious as to what you meant with it. I haven't managed to interpret anything from the L/P relationship in that episode. Would you mind telling me what you figured out? In what way is "his world now hers", and how did you see it?
  7. Sorry for triple-posting btw. What do you mean with this (the bolded)? His world is now hers? Please tell me what you meant with it, cause i'm really curious =)
  8. What is it that Prady and Lorre have said about the L/P relationship?
  9. Those of you who want Shenny to happen can't have seen much of the show, honestly.
  10. Kaley has to be one of the most beautiful persons in this world. Ahmagad.
  11. Or Bernadette will probablt be "out of town" because of some family issues / career moments or something. This will make Beverly think that Howard is sticking to a fake story.
  12. I would definitely like to see Leonard's mum back, indeed. What a funny turn of events it would be when she sees that Howard and Bernadette are married, and that her theory about Raj and Howard having a Gay-marriage has to be thrown away. Furthermore, it would be interesting to see how she and Amy gets along, as well as the continuing conversations with the slugger.
  13. I totally agree with you mate. It has been some time since Penny was the one who wanted Leonard's forgiveness... And indeed, the episodes this season so far have been dazzling. However, the episodes are probably being stuffed with too many plots in a too short time frame. What about increasing the episodes to 30 minutes instead of 20? We could have peaked so much deeper into the controversies and plots the writers are throwing in the episodes.
  14. Yeah, you're probably right... It's just that I have a weak spot for the L/P relationship and I want it to go on
  15. Very weird episode I have to say... I liked it, and it was funny, but the L/P storyline continues to baffle me. How do they move on from this? Apparently Leonard and Penny didn't speak in a couple of days, so they are surely having problems in their relationship, still... And when Penny mocked him in the end, did that move their relationship into even thinner ice?
  16. I really liked this episode, but I think Penny is made stupider than she actually is, because she is going to school in later episodes, and maybe getting smarter as the season goes on.
  17. Indeed, they're doing the ol' switcheroo. Season 4 ended with Raj and Penny "sleeping" together, and L/P being almost thrashed to bits, while H/B got into thin ice, when Bernadette gave Howard the rolex watch. S/A was merely the same as always. Season 5 started as season 4 ended, with relationships being on thin ice, but as the season went on all the relations were semented. However, near the end of season 5, L/P and S/A got into trouble again, when Leonard proposed and Amy trying to increase Sheldon's feelings for her. In the end, though, the relationships seemed to be good again at the handholding scene. Season 6 started with L/P and S/A being terribly insecure, and for every episode we now have seen, these two relationships have gotten safer and safer. It would be smart to guess what you guess, annieogly, as it seems to be a pattern here.
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