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  1. It seems like there are a lot people who don't like character development. Let's not forget that Howard is 30 and probably time for him to grow up. It is quite sad if he were to remain so creepy and continue his pathetic womanising ways at 30.
  2. I can't seem to remember where I read this from (so don't quote me) but I think either Lorre or Prady said that they will explore further into the Leonard/Penny relationship in season 6 but Penny is the one who has to grow up emotionally before their relationship reaches a whole new level. As to how long it will take for Penny to grow up is not known. I mean, I personally don't like girls like Penny- those to take their relationship for granted and think that their bf can't do any better or won't break up with them. So it may take a while for Penny to realise that she is the one who is stallin
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