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  1. Falling by Florance and the machine c-c-combo breaker!
  2. yes, I was told to work on the weekend but I didn't HYE stole something which cost not less than $100
  3. azharo4ka

    A-Z: Movies

    Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  4. all, thanks it's so nice to hear read that
  5. Hi everyone! I'm azharo4ka, from Kazakhstan. I started to watch TBBT 2012 and of course I loved it. I even don't know what else to tell...If anyone want to know more about me fill free to ask
  6. false - I have no bunions. I'm a lady and I do chiropody TNP is happily married
  7. snowing whole day but tempreture isn't low, so snow is melting after few mins
  8. I just started playing Far cry 3 and I'm not really empressed but game isn't bad. next in the line is Devil may cry 5
  9. I would choose characters and Fassy as a real person: 1. Sheldon Cooper 2. Jim Moriarty(by Andrew Scott), 3. Neal Caffrey (White Collar), 4. Mozzie (White Collar), 5. Barney Stinson(HIMYM), 6. Michael Fassbender as himself Pitty that I can only dream about it
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