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  1. Siri. That episode was the one that got me into the show. Except Stuart isn't a girl, thus would not be a "girlfriend". It is a funny pairing though.
  2. I have to say, this is my favorite episode yet! When Penny told Leonard she loved him, I got a huge smile on my face. The "42" reference made me laugh, too. I also really liked the special effects of the worm hole. Definitely the best episode so far. Far exceeded my expectations.
  3. Me and one of my friends (who I introduced to the show) say 'Bazinga' while talking to each other occasionally. Also, whenever I say 'bowl', I say it the way Sheldon did when he was telling Penny to get one for her keys.
  4. 1. Raj 2. Sheldon 3. Wil Wheaton (I know, he doesn't appear much, but he's awesome) 4. Penny 5. Leonard, Amy, Bernadette, Howard, and Stuart 6. Everyone else I like everyone, but the main characters and Wil rank higher than the others. Even the people who are jerks (like Leslie, for example), are still entertaining, and I still like them, Leslie makes a good rival for Sheldon, despite that she's a jerk. Barry is hilarious, too.
  5. If there's something I want to see, yes. The last movie I saw in theaters was ParaNorman, and I loved it. It surpassed my expectations. I was expecting another animated movie with no interesting characters and a shallow plot, but it turned out to have great characters, a plot that had you guessing what was going on the whole time, and the humor was great, too. And yes, I'm not ashamed to say it did make me cry, since the reason everything happened was because a young girl was murdered a long time ago. I also loved the part near the end when the guy Courtney had a crush on turned out to have a
  6. Thanks for all the welcomes, guys! ^^ Yeah, I made the name about two years ago and stuck with it.
  7. So, nice to meet you all! I am TheBeatlesPkmnFan42. While I like all characters in The Big Bang Theory, my favorites have to be Raj, Sheldon, Penny, and Wil Wheaton. While I don't have a one favorite episode, several of my favorites include "The Beta Test Initiation", "The Engagement Reaction", and "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary". Other things I am into include The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Minecraft, Slender, MLP: FiM, Mother/Earthbound, Kirby, Di Gi Charat (which I doubt anyone here has heard of), and Pokemon. Other sites I'm on include: among others, there are too many to l
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