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  1. I love it when the boys do a cosplay.. and to quote the comment on the Episode gist which summarizes my overall feeling about this: "the show's going back to it's nerdy roots" ... yay!
  2. I just want to greet the TBBFS community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  3. I just heart the original 5...
  4. well thanks to my soft kitty bbt shirt, whenever my little nephew sees me wearing it, he sings the song! (i taught him of course)
  5. I love the scene when the guys were talking about the "series killings" and the theme songs Sheldon sang (TMNT, Inspector Gadget...), a classic moment of the 4 men reminiscent of the older seasons when they're just hanging out in Shenard's apartment and of course when they turned to Penny for help in Howard's fishing dilemma...
  6. IMO, Leonard (unconsciously) is becoming a serial monogamist, haha!
  7. I want that box Sheldon is giving Amy, it has a Star Trek emblem on it
  8. I think the last show (5x06) gave us a classic Big Bang episode, more scenes from the boys with Sheldon & Stephen Hawking making story A and Penny going back to school as the B story (w/ Amy and Bernie giving supporting roles) so it doesn't feel too short. This formula reminds me of the FRIENDS series, stories just revolved around the 6 chracters and guest actors would come in and out to make it more interesting
  9. the recent episodes feels short for me because there are more characters now. I saw more of the Penny-Leonard-Sheldon scenes or the 5 characters in Seasons 1-3, with the the other two, Raj and Howard giving supporting roles and guest actors just coming in and out making it more interesting. Even if there are 2 story arcs in one episode, the content of the scenes are more stretched out. In a good way because TBBT is growing in popularity there are more ad breaks but maybe the downside to that is shorter running time(?) I guess and again we have more characters now (ex. writers have to play a
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