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  1. OMG what a beautiful kiss in so romantic enviroment: an old train!! Anything else happened in this episode? I only can see this lovely kiss in my mind right now :wub:
  2. Wow, this is really a beautiful site I am not a Shenny (I like Sheldon-Amy relationchip) but I am SHELDON PURIST too (because of this I just got some barking here And I love the firsts seasons most than everything. From one side I feel happy that people who feel attacked when they give their opinion here will have that site for expressing themselves in freedom but, for the other side I feel sad too because, as I said many times here, we have the right to write here our opinion and we should not receive horribles replies because of that Sometimes I leave this site for a while because I become tired to see always the same people barking on the people who is thinking diferent than them. The old people stop to say what they think about the episodes for not getting this problem but then new people join and write their opinion ignoring what will surely happen, and of course very fast they get the same type of answer we all receive and all start again and again 80 It is an ashame that this type of site was needed to be made guys. There are so much kind of dictators in this world And IMO if the nostalgics and purist run away from here this site will become kind of boring
  3. Ha ha...yes, with "paint" I mean colour, sorry my English Yes, usually people get darker hair after becoming grow-up but not everybody. Well, in this last picture you post her colour looks more natural
  4. Probably this was already discussed here....do you think guys that she paint here hair? Its looks natural and it is easy to see she is natural blonde because of her skin colour but, in the firsts seasons she was more golden I think....what do you know about this?
  5. Hi Robertc, as you live in Pasadena...do you think there are visitors in your city trying to guess the places the characters of TBBT are going/living as happened in Paris with the book Da Vinci Code? It is only a curiousity product of a rainy day, nothing related to your original statement
  6. EXACTLY Thank you. I understand. And I can see I was little bit right thinking this is an American point of view about tea meetings When they said about drinking tea as adult women do I imagined they meaned as British women do, and in some other countries like my country they do too. Here Children will drink soft drinks only in a party/meeting for sure
  7. I am confuse: *The people who laugh when they see someone falling down, do they laugh too when they see a child falling down? Or it is only funny when an adult fall down in public? because in an adult, there is the possibility that he/she can break a bone/hurt hard...and if it is an old person? is that funny too? I just saw even a 40s year old man falling down in the street and it is not funny at all guys *Why there are so much small girls in that tea hall? is that like the ballet that girls like a lot? I don´t know but I feel this is the American idea about drinking tea as "a lady"(if it is not please tell me) ... That looked like more a birthday party than a tea house. In these places what we can see more is old ladies *Sheldon sharing ice cream with another person (not Amy)?? Is that because he is more "mature" now? For me this is only a little bit disgusting/crappy and in the sauna?? OMG I never thought I will see this scene in TBBT :D you know, to share the room with another man/person wearing only a towel and sweating and sweating...I think Sheldon´s "pants for wearing in the bus" are retired now
  8. And the genital´s joke was very YUCK , as yuck as the jokes about Sheldon´s sister´s delivery few weeks ago Not funny at all. I am sorry guys, I am sure some of you will desagree but for me, looks that type of joke some men say to each other, in a "men context" and only them can laugh about it...I don´t know if I am explaining myself....but this type of jokes sometimes arise little bit in TBBT. I think the only I really enjoyed in this episode was the Amy/Howard/Raj part. Amy looked so pretty and confident! I don´t know, something different...And Stuart...I always like Stuart
  9. I confess I didn´t like very much this episode But the worst for me was the "puppy dog act", at the beginning was little bit nice and Sheldon looked sweet making those sounds and faces...but then Leornad told him "sit there!" and then Penny told him "come!" like we do with the dogs and I felt this very silly because it was like they were trying to explain me that "yes, they are doing as Sheldon is a dog"...but I just understood this, I mean, they remarked the obvious and spoiled the joke. And the story about Sheldon forced to have vacations and him annoying his friends because of this, it is a déjà vu.
  10. I suppose you just saw this photo ...
  11. First of all, I really don´t like Bernadette, well, I just said this so many times but I am here again because I have a question: could someone tell me why a young married couple without Children (or with) needs "tricks" from the husband for having sex and she reject him in so hard way? she is soooooo boring from the top to the feet 80
  12. You made this?? wow , you deserve a prize
  13. Sorry guys, I know most of you (at least Americans who know him) love Professor Proton...but the 2 episodes with him were a kind of boring for me 80 the only sentence/speech/joke from him I liked in those 2 episodes was the last one, when he says :"happily...?"
  14. For me too it sound just like the violins in the Psycho shower scene....they showed a reference of that film in Howard scene, and they closed with this another reference...and, why not? I know this was a lovely Christmas episode but the last scene looks more as loneliness than "Merry Christmas" scene to me.
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