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  1. How was the wedding itself. Did they have their own personal vows ?
  2. I loved how they brought on Georgie. I can definitely see both brother have resentment toward each Other. Especially after their dad died. I can’t wait to see the ep.
  3. Hello. I rarely post. Don’t like all the arguing and stuff. I come for the spoilers and move on. The last spoiler I saw was for the bill gates ep. was there another ep after that. Does some one have a link to that report? Also I don’t know how I feel about Jerry o Connell being Georgie. I just hope they don’t go all country accent and yee hawing him. I’m from Texas and we all don’t talk like that. I can’t see him in that role. Esp after we have young Sheldon showing him a kid. Idk.
  4. Amy has a dad ?? And sheldon asked permission for her hand in marriage.....awwwwwwwww
  5. How was the proposal. Does amy know about Ramona and the kiss?
  6. I'm so happy!!! Did they address Ramona? Does amy knows about the kiss? I'm nervous and happy
  7. Please PM me the taping report....ppllllllleeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeee
  8. Related to Jim in a way. Wow....... http://www.tmz.com/2015/09/04/jim-parsons-best-friend-arrested-sexual-assault-17-year-old-texas/
  9. I hope all this shamy progress doesn't go to waste . I understand that Sheldon being Sheldon buy there is a line. He is suppose to love her. Ugh I am suppose to have surgery tomorrow (thyroid removal) and this is not what I wanted before I went in. I wanted a happy shamy. Instead I get a a nightmare kiss and shamy slinging mud at each other.
  10. I'm so numb to tbbt now. I just roll into a ball and stare at the wall. Its not worth my tears.but still can't believe why the writers would give us a shenny kiss even if it's a dream. Morel like a nightmare. The whole ep could have been more tolerable if they had someone other than Sheldon. Penny makes out w a tv character, star wars, trek....whatever.... Sheldon UGH!!! Just give the shennies a shread of hope don't we. Something big for shamy better happen soon or I'm out
  11. My stomach is in knots...excited and nervous
  12. Im back....i finally got a new computer!!!! ive been trolling but im sorry but I do not like the new set up. its way harder to post.....anywho.....im back im so excited for this season, for shamy, for lenny. Happy taping for all those who are going tomorrow. im jealous and pls spill all the beans. love ya!!!
  13. Like my youngest daughter says (who wants to be an engineer and I made mayim as an example of brains, talent and beauty) "someone been drinking the hateraide"
  14. Jim time! I made dolphin noises when Todd came on, jim lights up talking abt Todd, they are so perfect"
  15. When I get sick, steroids makes me feel better. you do get hungry and bulk up a little I now picture Jim as the hulk lol
  16. Truth, we don't know Jim personally, but Todd has been with him thru no fame at all till now says a lot about him. We are just now getting to know Todd. Todd is part of Jim's life. Just like any celebrity couple, we are interested. Tbh, I'm more interested in his growing up and yes his love life.
  17. I wish we had a vote off the tbbt island button. :/ Todd is important to Jim . Idk why you have an issue with Todd but it's not cool
  18. Awwwwwwwww. I really hope we see this on tv. Jim and Todd makes me so happy
  19. I'd love to see drunk cinnamon. Lmao
  20. My hand on a Bible. I had a shamy dream. They was on a break and Sheldon trying to win Amy back. Amy was dressing more fashionable and penny (or someone like her) was convincing Amy to get back w Sheldon. It was really weird. I woke up before the ending.: (
  21. I'm sad that jim did not get nominated but damn the boy has enough for now. I'm glad Johnny getting some attention. He deserves it too
  22. I caught that too. Maybe he was home for the summer from college and did it.
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