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  1. I am total mess,i screamed when i woke up and read the report, screamed at my daughter that shamy ily (daughter doesnt care ) scared the shit of my hubby when i called him freaking out on the phone (he thought i had a accident), i came to work told 2 tbbt fans here abt shamy ily. One reacted happy, other was ok with it. Im a mid 30's mother of 2 fan girling over fictional characters and i am so happy. Im listening to reo speedwagon, i cant stop this feeling and almost in tears. What has shamy done to me?!??!?!
  3. Whos going tonight and are they doing a report?
  4. I think my fav part of the ep when bernie said "housekeeping" i rolled laughing.
  5. It would be reallllly cute if sheldon asks amy out to prom. Awwwww Prom nerd king and queen.
  6. I like this penny. Better than the im so pretty attitude like last ep.
  7. Totally agree 100% Speckerman horrible. Next is slutty dr plimpton ep
  8. An ok ep. Nothing id watch over and over again. Creepy amy back. I didnt care for penny,.im so done with her im so pretty attitude. Ugh. The romantic line didnt bug me. To sheldon, kissing and handholding is not romantic. The duck line did piss me off. Im sorry. Like i said before,.i dont like emily. I have a bad vibe on her. Bye felicia 2 1/2 of of 5
  9. I haven't even seen the ep yet. And im not happy. Oh shit.
  10. Lmao. Thats Amy's vegas night out wear. Id rather have the thanksgiving day, Madea looking dress. Lol. Id rather have 100 mustard colored cardigans with the yellow heels than that yellow thing on her. Wow My poor Amy. Its funny but my poor Amy. Amy needs to be on what not to wear asap if that show was still on.
  11. Come hm to texas Jim. Muah ha ha. Houston is 4 hrs from me but at least he will be closer to me. Lol.
  12. Please go with the 2nd take please!!!!!! Which take had the most laughs? Did the.audience aww on the.2nd take?
  13. Daaaaaaaammmnnnnn. Its not the shirt. I want a ticket to Jims gun show. Lol.
  14. After the 3rd time watching the ep, when leonard and penny are talking at the bar, all i could do is stare at jim/sheldon eating. I rewinded like 3 times just to watch him eat. Sad i know. After the 3rd time watching the ep, i saw that too. when leonard and penny are talking at the bar, all i could do is stare at jim/sheldon eating. I rewinded like 3 times just to watch him eat. Sad i know.
  15. Yay he posted. Representing Texas. Proud to be Texan because of him.
  16. Damn. I am work and i need to.check out page 7. My magazine is at hm and i dont get hm till 8 :'(
  17. Is there a taping tomorrow and if there is, do we have someone going? Ty!
  18. Exactly Tensor. While i feel bad for all those whos phones got hacked and yes the people stole the pictures are to blame and did a horrible thing. Hell i would feel so ashamed if it happened to me. If someone hacks my phone they be very disappointed, only my kids, my dog, tbbt,and jim and todd pics. I do feel they should be more careful. Kaleys wasnt as bad as some. Alot of them took really graphic ones. Anything can get hacked, phones, computers, etc. Celebrities need to be extra careful. There are some bad people in this world.
  19. More nude pics came out during the weekend. I feel bad for her but no more nude pics kaley. Sad i recognized thee episode with the (or little of) clothes she was wearing. Not a fan of the chili bowl hair style.
  20. Kunal and jim. Lmao. I have jim and todd dreams.
  21. Beautiful home, id love to live there. My only issue is the pool. Its too far from the house. I would have to trek to get to the pool. I guess its a good private spot
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