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  1. I just read mayims post abt frozen. Idk abt her reasons but i just didnt like the movie. I saw it w my youngest, omg, i was.done after the second song. TOO MUCH SINGING. And the whole elsa powers thing and never seeimg her sister. Anna falls in love after 1 min of seeing that guy. I really didn't care for the characters or the storyline. Ill admit let it go is catchy but thats the only thing i liked from the movie.

  2. I wanna go visit Ny but i dont.know if i could stay there. Id prob get use to it likr jim did. I live near Dallas so i guess this texan could get use to the fast paced living but idk abt the subways, buses. I love driving and taking a cab for everything seems like a waste of money plus the cost of living. I could get a nice huge house here with the same money get a 1 bedroom apt there in ny. No way.

    Id love to visit one day (and stalk jim) lol

  3. Very adorable pic!!! Love that they are so cute after being together for so long!!

    Side note he is so into those polo shirts!!!!

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    I quess out with the thousand plaid button up, in with the thousand stripe shirts lol

  4. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my second child, just got off from work (i was working night shift at the time ) came hm, turned the tv on and saw the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower. I instantly became terrified. It was a crazy time. I delivered a few days later. Idk if my fear had anything to do with it. My husband is Arabic. (Palestine ) Hes totally Americanized, been here since college. We started getting weird phone calls after 9/11. Heard that stupid ppl was calling anyone with Arabic sounding last names in the phone and sending threats. I was so scared for my husband. We changed our phone numbers and unlisted us from the phone book. It was a crazy time in our lives.

    My prayers go out to all the families who lost family members.

  5. Thank you Kazzie. Awesome reporting as always.

    Cute ep. Tiny shamy goodies.

    Im just not a fan of Emily.... yet. Idk i have a weird vibe on her. Like shes mean in a way. Now being ugly to penny. I am not a penny fan but dont mess with her. Its like another priya. I liked lucy (love kate) but they had her too socially awkward even for raj. Idk maybe they will do more with Emily character. We will see.

  6. He and Todd were visiting a woman's home museum that is full of sexual art...that was a marble dildo. It is an old picture that has been around the block a few times again and again. She is a well known person in the NY community and a lot of celebrities get photographed with her and one of her "items".

    Her name is Cindy Gallop. Shes famous for her black apartment and her art she collects. .Thats one of her artifacts. Lol

  7. Ester the wonder pig. He follows her on instagram. Its a gay couple with a pig and they raise awareness for pigs and veganism of some sort. Idk. The pig is cute, for a big huge pig. Lol.

    I have a chorkie (half Chihuahua/yorkie) im gonna make her a instagram. Nikki the wonder chorkie. Lol

  8. Different subject. I bought Garden State at best buy for $5. There are bloopers and BTS making of garden state. Really cute baby jim scenes and jim in the knight suit. Cool to see Jim before he got rich and famous.

  9. I like tattos as long as not overboard like face, chest or hands. i have one on my foot but it can be covered up if needed. Hell even my boss has a foot tattoo. I think its cute as long as she doesnt go full sleeve.

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