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  1. Which friend and/or what pic?

    Its one of jims friends on instagram. Jim only follows 53 ppl so its not hard to.find. I dont want to call out his friends name bc he is not a public person but if u go thru jims friends pics you will find it.

    Its nothing bad, just a chic fil a meal w todds comment. It was just in fun.

  2. Guys.... We need to work at Chick Fil A and become actor and become a pro tennis player....

    Like shit we're gonna be so busy

    And learn crochet, get a pig, be on a sports show or become an athlete or become a chef.

  3. I doubt he went to chic fil a. His friend on instagram posted a pic of chic fil a and todd kinda said he was disappointed in him for going. Not jim, his friend. It was mostly in jest and todd said he was forgiven so i realyy doubt jim had chic fil a since they are an anti gay organization.

  4. You assume Sheldon added it. Amy may have asked for it and persuaded Sheldon to agree.

    Oh lord.... a amy/shamy hater. I know that we can speak our minds but lets not put down a character. This is s8 thread not how i hate amy thread. There is a thread for that.

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