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  1. I watch last night too. Mayim look beautiful. I really wish i could pull off her glasses (my face is round so i cant) anywho

    I didn't really laugh. It was kinda a forced cheesy intros. The hidden camera skits were not funny, even the people being fooled didn't seem too shocked that they were on tv. Prob some didn't know what the tv show was.

    I loved mayim, my hubby said that i just wanted to watch bc of her...i said yes :) but i started checking out fast. .maybe it will get better.

  2. I like bulky not s5. Im in the minority but i didn't care for chunky season 5 Jim. To meaty for me. But i hated s4 skinny as hell Jim too. Hes is perfect right now.

  3. The actors would be stupid if they left the show over money....especially Jim. The show made them famous and without the show they would have been nobodies. As much as i love jim and the show, all this negotiation stuff is ridiculous.

  4. Id be pissed if that happened to me too but i would make the best out of the situation. I would have fun in LA, disney land, Hollywood walk of fame,(stalk Jim), etc... Tbbt taping is free. She didnt loose money on that. She cancels a vacation just for tbbt, shes crazy. As much as i love tbbt. I wouldn't let it ruin my vacation in LA.

  5. He promoting the crap out of home and its not even until next yr. Why isnt rhianna promoting it too?

    Jim needs to promote TBBT like he does other projects. Cough, cough TNH, home

  6. I kind of feel bad for Maylm and Melissa, as once the big five are signed for the next three years they will have zero leverage the next time their contracts come up for a new deal - they will be attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis - to bad they couldn't all be negotiating new contracts together.

    Screwed indeed. Mayim deserves more. Hell. She got emmy nominations.

  7. Damn. Thats alot I want the dvd but not on iTunes. I dont have an iphone or apple. I broke up w my iphone and moved to andriod. Best thing i ever did. Anywho.

    I wish someone who does buy it posts the bloopers. Ill donate a dollar ;)

  8. Thank you thank you thank you to Chloe, and everyone who went to the panel. Im jealous.

    I loved the shamy version they gave us. Its perfect. Anything more "Gentle" would take away from the importance of it.

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