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  1. Lucky duck. Im jelly. Thats awesome that todd, jim and julie communicate also thru instagram. Thats so cool
  2. Its jim so he take a selfie any way he wants and ill like it. At least hes doing them. If jim is running out of ideas. Start taking todd morning pics.
  3. I wanna see it. Its playing on only 2 threaters around me. I like zack braff and of course i gotta see my baby.
  4. I kinda feel bad for johnny in a way. He was suppose to be the star of the show and and everyone fell in love with sheldon. Jim became the breakout star. You think tbbt. You think Sheldon not leonard. Sorry leonard fans. But he still gets paid as.much as jim so i dont feel to bad for him. I wonder if jim and johnny get along. The seemed friendly s1 but then they dont seem as close. Maybe its me.
  5. Unpopular opinion. Kaley, jim and johnny needs to hurry up and sign. I know they are holding out for more money. I will keep my comments to myself about that issue.
  6. Right, left whatever. We know Jim and Todd aint going no where. They are life partners. Id be over the moon if they got married but its their life. Im just happy seeing them together. Jim looks happy.
  7. Omg. That is the sexiest pic yet. Damn If there is a sleeping todd pic or jim and todd in pjs or in bed. Omg. I would pass out.
  8. I do like basketball. I use to be a Huge Mavericks fan (im from Dallas ) Ive been.checking instagram like crazy. No jim sighting yet
  9. LOL. my hubby knows about my jim obsession. He just rolls his eyes. My hubby just says as long as i financially take care of him when i get rich he is cool with it. Lol.
  10. Jim is the only reason i am watching espy awards. I am not the biggest sports fan (im kinda like Leonard in this catagory) but i will watch for Jim. GO SPORTS!!!
  11. I love his teeth. They are not bad at all. It gives him more character. I have a crooked tooth. Im kinda self conscious of it when i smile but i wont fix it. Its me.
  12. Love the stubble. Fainted. I guess he gonna shave it for tonight. Good bye sexy face stubble
  13. I need learn how to crochet or somethinf. Damn. I need jims attention.
  14. Sad i got excited that he said Terri. Thats my name.
  15. Im on level 70 on candy crush. I can't beat that damn stage.
  16. I think most of us have gone thru a crazy time of our life. Either it was clubbing, going out, drinking, "dating", smoking or all of the above. Jim admitted he had some crazy times in college. There are pics of him having a good times during those days. I still love the his dead bird drunk story he told on Conan. Lol. I know i went thru a crazy phase. Drinking alot and going out but i mainly stopped. Im too old for clubbing now. I still enjoy a beer or 3 on weekends with my hubby. We all, well most, calm down when we get older
  17. Dang he is up early. Its 1 am here central time. What time is it in England right now? Doesnt he ever sleep late. I know he has a flight back soon.
  18. I borrow my hubbys t shirts when i am at hm. Lol
  19. I hope jim and todd have fun sight seeing. Hope ppl dont bug them too much today. (More jodd pics please )
  20. I would think like all of us who has dogs, either at dog boarding, a person they trust, but seeing how much jim makes, probably a personal dog sitter.
  21. How can anyone think it will get crazy like that. Todd is a grown man but he is there with his partner. When they went to the us open or whatever last yr it wasnt crazy like this. No one can predict this much media. Idk. I love todd and i love their relationship..i just want them to be happy.
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