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  1. Awesome awesome Awesome!!!

    I'll admit reading the taping report I was not excited I thought it was going to be like last weeks. I was wrong. I'm not a giant Lenny fan but I loved them. Leonard in the sexy graduation gown cracked me up. Love the chemistry between them. That's the Lenny I like.

    When Howard calls tech support and rajs phone goes off. Hahahahahaha.

    4 out of 5

    See I like non Shamy eps too

  2. You do remember the wild party they were having in 7x01, don't you? What makes you think that was the only one? Why do you assume that it was a "Leonard and girl alone in room and she decides to inhale his tonsils" thing, and not a "drunk girl at party kisses Leonard and he backs off" thing? Is it your natural inclination to automatically assume the worst possible scenario?

    Of course I go to worst scenerios. I still think Leonard shouldn't have said anything. That secret will only hurt thr person you love

  3. Asked my family What their theories are for the finale:

    My hubby, Amy moves in w sheldon

    My youngest, they break up or Sheldon and Amy sleep in the same bed but no hanky panky

    My oldest, the dance with no dance.

    I'm so scared. My heart pounding

  4. I've lost both of my parents, my mom in 2011. It still sucks expecially for my kids since they do not have ant grandparents.

    We all grieve differently. Mayim is probly still mad. We need to give her a break.

    Luckily She has the summer to rest

  5. I saw the Grace show. Jim was cute as always.

    I maybe old (mid 30's) but I do not get the show at all. It was just.... awkward and weird. Like I said I maybe old and I don't get this humor but whatever.

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