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  1. Empire bits of comedy but its definitely a drama show. Its my new favorite show after tbbt. I dony its bc of kaleys hair
  2. Hahaha i can relate to all of that. I am a 30 something yr old fangirl.
  3. Raj is a astrophysics at a major school. He should be making good money
  4. I wonder whats going on with Mayim/Amy. Why short scenes. Its getting me worried
  5. Going to watch Home today with my 13 yr old daughter and her bestie. I am more excited than they are.
  6. Pls someone record the talk interview. Pls!!!
  7. I went to a theatre too. I wish they do that again. I had my best tbbt friend from Houston come up see me, we wore tbbt shirts. I fanngirled like crazy over the majim and her over kaley and Johnny. Good times.
  8. I have no issue with the video and it just looks really awkard to me imho
  9. Im hispanic and i speak Spanish. I was raised on shows like this, sabago gigante, novelas, and and talk shows like this. They like to over the top, which i understand. I was raised on shows like this, watching along with my abuela. To other ppl it maybe very different. Jim did not know whats going on. It was very akward. I felt bad for him.
  10. that was embarrassing. I dont like Spanish talk shows w gimmicks. I felt bad for Jim. I bet he was like WTF??!?!?! I cant even finish the video.
  11. The Desperation Emanation is on (amy's mom video chat with.Sheldon) How times have changed. Shamy have grown so much.since then.
  12. Mayim is just like family by now to Jim and Todd. No big deal if he kisses her or other ppl. It was not sexual.
  13. It doesn't come out until next friday here. I guess it came out early on other parts.of the world
  14. Does anyone have the full interview?
  15. Pls someone record jims interview. Ugh i forgot to record it.
  16. Hahahahaha. I wonder how many ppl has already tested his strength of his legs. Lol
  17. Omg. Jims blue eyes with Todds beautiful smile. I.know.its not possible but i can dream.
  18. https://ph.celebrity.yahoo.com/news/jim-parsons-kept-cool-around-rihanna-003000986.html New Jim interview. He talks abt Todd and kids
  19. No dont tell.me he is an hr away from me. I cant take off work. Damn it!!!! I cant take more vacation time.off.
  20. As much as i wanted to go to the Home red carpet in Plano, i cant go. I was sick last wk and already taken enough vacation time. Also i kinda doubt Jim will be there. He prob spending time in NY. I will get you one day Jim Parsons...one day. Lol Edit:noooooooooooooooo hes here. Why dear god. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  21. Cool. Ty. There are imax theatres around here. Few in Dallas i think. Ill look into it. If i go, ill take pics and report it. Let me know if you find out anything.
  22. I just saw yhe video. So cute. The screening is on Plano,tx???? Thats 45 min away from me. Does anyone knoe the details of the event
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