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  1. Amy can do no wrong in my eyes. As long as she doesn't hurt Sheldon or change him too much
  2. I love all the shamy analyst. Psycho analize a tv couple
  3. I think the ones i were referring to was the extra LONG posts. Like more than 100 sentences. It takes more than 3 sentences to say a statement of course.
  4. I love the shamy spoiler thread. I am also not a fan of the novel size posts either, I like them but not tooooo long. It's like reading an essay sometimes.
  5. Yes I agree that he looks totally different if hes skinny, a little thicker, short hair, long hair.....he's a chameleon
  6. He looks good rt now. He looks fit but still slim. Season 2-3 look. I hated when he looked like a skeleton during s4. Wayyyy too skinny. I wanted to throw a sandwich at the screen.
  7. It was sooo cute. He's adorable. I want to pick him up and take him home w me Loved the part about his mom: lollipop Houston Texas guild
  8. I cant wait for Shamy sex!!! All that eye coitus foreplay leading to that big moment :D
  9. It's an awesome episode from what i read from the taping report
  10. They celebrate a another birthday Maybe Amy's Sheldon can gift Amy with a kiss
  11. I hope they don't have Sheldon and Amy do the back and forth thing like Leonard and Penny.
  12. Yes Amy is self centered too. :D A match made in nerd heaven
  13. She's the only person who cares and understands how neurotic and self centered he can be. Sometimes he needs to be put in his place. They are still learning how to be in a relationship
  14. Mayim is sexy to me. They downplay her looks for the show to portray a character. Amy is sexy to Sheldon. Sheldon is sexy to Amy That all that matters.
  15. Penny: Oh, Beverly, I can’t talk to my boyfriend’s mother about his penis. Beverley: Oh, fair enough. What can you tell me, if anything, about that busboy’s penis? Penny: Actually, I’ve only had the cheesecake. One more time. You know, Leonard did not want to tell you we were dating. Beverley: Really? Well, that means he’s either embarrassed about the relationship or he doesn’t care enough about his mother to tell her he’s in one. Either way, one of us should be insulted. Penny: Well, let’s go find out who. Beverley: You go get a taxi. I’m gonna slip my business card into that busboy’s back pocket, cupping his firm, right buttock as I do so.
  16. It was on tumblr the day Mayim news broke. I'm horrible at linking stuff. I'm sorry Maybe someone will post it
  17. I saw a think on tumblr wishing Jim an Mayim get together. And not believing Jim is with Todd Ridiculous. Leave Jim and Todd alone
  18. I never said she can't be bi. I really doubt the writers would make Amy fall in love with Sheldon and Penny. I don't Sheldon would like to share, even if its w penny Amy is figuring out her sexuality. That's great. She making up for lost time. To her eyes, she might think Penny is the ultimate symbol of beauty and sexuality. And she admires that in Penny. I might be talking out my ass, but its all up to the writers make Amy do or who Amy falls in love
  19. I don't want anyone to die. The only person I could see pass and make an impact would be Sheldon's meemaw. I'd love to see Amy help him greive and take care of him. Sheldon can see how much Amy really does love him.
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