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  1. I want Leonard to get respect from Penny.

    I hate that penny thinks she's Leonard should do what she says

    I want Leonard to tell penny. That she isn't all that and not the beauty queen

    Maybe then Penny will respect Leonard

  2. I think Jim, Mayim and Simon are great actors.

    Simon should have gotten a nomination last yr.

    He was brilliant.

    Melissa is doing a great job this yr. I hope she's getting a nomination this yr. She was awesome in the Re Entry ep.

    Kaley is a good actress. Not my fav but good

    The last few yrs, they haven't been giving her much to work with. Not alot of memorable lines at all. I hope they give her more deep stuff.

    The ILY scene was awesome.

  3. I'm sorry. Amy doesn't mean to be pushy. She is just doesn't know how to react to ppl and be social like everyone else does in high school

    I don't think Amy is bisexual. She might marvel in penny beauty or even bi curious.

    She hasn't made a sexual comment to penny since the Werewolf ep.

    Now all her sexual frustrations go to toward Sheldon.

  4. In my perfect world. I would love for Amy and Sheldon to get married first before they have sex.

    Even though Sheldon isn't religious, he does care what his mother will say and feel.

    If they do it before they get married, I want to do it without them drunk or on something

    I want their first time to be special

    They waited this long and I don't want it to be cheapened for laughs

  5. I LOVE Amy. She's is only second to Sheldon.

    She's unique, quirky, smart, unexpected, funny and just plain crazy sometimes.

    Which I love about her. She understands Sheldon's and his ways and truly loves him even with all his quirks and phobias.

    She's the shy girl in high school that nobody paid attention to and she is finally coming out of her shell and becoming the person she wants to be

    She reminds me of me :)

  6. I'm trying to like Penny.

    -want her to get an acting job. On a soap opera, something....

    -grow up and respect Leonard.

    She thinks her shit don't stink sometimes.

    I want Leonard or some maybe someone else to remind her she ain't all that and to cut the diva attitude.

    -I want Leonard to meet penny family in Nebraska

    Or penny go to New Jersey to meet Leonard family

    -penny and Leonard to move in the apartment next to Sheldon and Amy ( above or below)

  7. I don't see why Michael would be jealous of Jim.

    Jim is w Todd. And he's gay. I don't think Jim is gonna automatically turn straight because of Mayim. Please.

    Maybe there was jealousy because Mayim becoming famous and her friendships w Jim and with other ppl.

    I could be wrong....whatever it was. I hope Mayim and Michael have a civil divorce and do what's best for their kids.

    Wayyyyy later hopefully Mayim will find a nice tall lanky Jewish boy ;)

  8. I feel so sad for Mayim and for her boys

    Hollywood can be cruel.

    When they met. She was out of the limelight.

    Now she's in huge comedy tv show, red carpets, award shows, flying back and forth.

    It takes a toll on a marriage.

    I hope that wasnt the cause for the divorce but it prob didn't help the situation.

    He took care of the boys and the home while she was away. That's hard

    I feel bad for both of them.

    I pray for all of them strength and happiness

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