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  1. He went w her to the emmys. They sat behind Jim and Todd
  2. I kinda saw hints here and there in her blog but I never thought they would break up Around the Emmys, it seemed a little off I hope for the best for both of them
  3. I like the socks. They r silly. The rest of the outfit...not so much
  4. I feel so sad for Mayim and for her boys Hollywood can be cruel. When they met. She was out of the limelight. Now she's in huge comedy tv show, red carpets, award shows, flying back and forth. It takes a toll on a marriage. I hope that wasnt the cause for the divorce but it prob didn't help the situation. He took care of the boys and the home while she was away. That's hard I feel bad for both of them. I pray for all of them strength and happiness
  5. Hopefully this is the speckerman of the season and the rest will be awesome.
  6. I love Bernadette. They have been putting her in nighties All I could look at was boobs She's beautiful. And I like Melissa
  7. Thank u so much kryzzx. Was there any shamy or did they acknowledge the ILY from penny? Thank u
  8. I can't wait for the report!!! I really hope for a shamy kiss under the mistletoe
  9. Can't wait to see what happens on ep 11

  10. I cant wait to see it!!! Thank you to the taping reporters :D
  11. Dirty, Dirty....Dirty

  12. Hello, Im kinda new to this site, but I love the taping reports. Thank you so much Kryzz. Are you going to the next taping?
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