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  1. Howard didn't know anything about his half-brother. When Josh comes and knocks on the door, Howard is shocked. Their dialogue is basically like, Hi, I'm Josh. I know this is going to sound strange, but a lawyer came around looking for my father, for him to sign some legal documents about this house. Howard says, who is your Dad? Josh replies, Sam Wolowitz. Howard says something to the effect of, Sam Wolowitz is my Dad's name too. Josh says, I know. Howard says, are you saying that we're half brothers? Josh - I believe we are. Howard is freaking out and calls for Bernadette because strange things are happening out here.

    Dun.dun.duuuuunnnnn. ty for sharing that.

    My dad had a another family as well. Weird coindesnse. He left us when i was 11 and he never returned back. I totally relate to Howard. I heard i have half brothers and sisters but just met 1 when he told me my father past away.

  2. Penny doesn't want to be an actress, she just wants to be rich and famous and acting seems like an easy way to do that.

    She already getting rich from her job. Irl physicists at cal tech can make up to 90,000. If she makes double leonard makes hell thats alot. I know its not real life but i doubt leonard makes.only 20-30,000 a yr. She wants the.famous part?

  3. Im kinda on Leonard side. Why give up a great job that she makes tons of money. I know acting is her dream but that ship has been sailed. Acting can be her side thing but it doesnt pay the bills.

  4. No one owes us anything, but a summary would be helpful. hell if i went id gladly put a summary to share. no way i could do a detailed report bc id forget everything. i applaud and worship the ppl who do. Its not a requirement at all but we are all very gratefull.

  5. Don't wish to steal show impact/thunder..but great experience at taping..highly recommended and thanks to all involved in making it happen..cheers

    Can.you give us a summary of the story lines?

  6. As much as i love tbbt, yall know its a tv show and not real right? The characters is how the writers want to protray them. I may disagree with them sometimes (cough cough shenny ep coming up) but i will still love the show. Yes, sheldon is the major draw of the show. When ppl think of tbbt, its either sheldon, penny, bazinga or the knocking on pennys door.

    Cant we all just get along?

  7. Ok. Finally watched wedding ringer. There are a couple funny parts. It has stupid.and some crude humor. Think cheesy Hangover.

    I checked out toward the end, my daughter liked it

    2 out of 5 IMO

    P.S. They do have the big bang song in it, not the theme song but the actual song

    Katy Tiz - The Big Bang [Official Music Video]:

    Cute reference to tbbt. But not even tbbt reference and kaley could save this movie.for me

  8. I am anti Emily. Idk there is something that doesn't mesh with the gang.

    1) The whole emily vs.penny thing ,(i am not a huge penny fan but she had no right to say anything after she went out another guy in front of raj,

    2) the weird creepy vibe. Too creepy for my taste.

    3) what does raj and emily have in common??? I liked lucy (love kate) but they made her too socially awkward. I wish they would have made it if raj and Lucy overcame their fears together. Idk.

    I am not feeling emily at all. Im sorry but i want them to break up.

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