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  1. I love Mayim but she needs to stay away from controversial topics. She has vaccinated her kids great. Maybe didnt believe in them back then and now she does. Whatever. Ppl change their minds all the time. I know reg ppl on fb that spills all their drama on there. Its annoying. Dont do it.
  2. OMG. How did Moyra pass away. Omg. I use to get emailed sides from her. How?!?! So sad OMG. How did Moyra pass away. Omg. I use to get emailed sides from her. How?!?! So sad
  3. Im in Texas. (Near Dallas) Lol. It was weird. Maybe its my phone. I went.to the tv station website and saw it. I love his nephew's country accent.
  4. Should have been a stewardess... That time Jim Parsons was in my cabin...
  5. I believe his family is Lutheran. I will admit, im not crazy with mocking God part. Im Christian but im also very liberal as well. Idk raised in a Christian home, we didn't test or mock God. Big no no. Is there a way to read the play? Is there a movie?
  6. I thought the ad was kinda funny. Of course it was meant to sell their product. Its a commercial. I did breastfeed my kids in the first months and when i went to work i switched to formula. So i see both sides. I love Mayim and i love she is passionate about her beliefs but somwtimes its best to say nothing unless she is ready for backlash
  7. Oh yeah Jim. :-* Jim hitting the latino audience.
  8. Hmmm. Not sure abt mocking God part. Sounds interesting tho. Is it based on a book?
  9. He is hosting late late night show(Craig Ferguson) this week?
  10. Luckily i dont make it until after it shows, i will dvr it and fast forward the shenny parts. Im not excited for this one and dread the shenny gifs posted after it airs.
  11. Mj and michy have fun for all of us. Send kisses to Jim for me. Thank you for all that you do. I have a feeling the writers are going to throw us a loop. I guess we will learn tonight Fingers crossed for good things for shamy and all the couples.
  12. Wtf. How is Orange is the new black, shameless, etc is a comedy. They are drama with hints of comedy. Hell id rather MF win (which i hate) than cable or Netflix/Amazon win.
  13. Todd and his phone lol. . Soooo mad. Jim lost. Ugh
  14. I just finished watching the movie (downloaded from Google play) There was some funny scenes which i did literally laughed out loud. I was not crazy with the story which i know it is based.on their real life. I kinda wished their characters broke up in the end. Also i was not keen on joslyns character. Made her uptight, not caring, and leading simons character on...idk. The timeline was kinda weird to me. Simon was great. Reminded me of howard when he tried to get back with bernadette. Whiny, self depreciating...and playing the piano. Lol. The sex and masturbating scenes cracked me up. I like dirty romantic comedies so that didnt bother me. It worth renting to see a slightly different side of simon. I give it a 2 1/2 out of 5.
  15. I need that fan fic stat! Someone write it
  16. Was watching the tensure ep last night with my daughter. She asked who got it. I said no one yet. She asked what if Amy got it. hmmmm. She does work at the university. I doubt it but it would be interesting
  17. She is a vixen working all those layers of wool and polyester.
  18. Im so jealous. Can i be a honorary Amys vixen from home? I want that shirt!!!
  19. I am missing my baby. Come on and post Jim Come out, come out whereever you are.
  20. I dont get all the drama shows in the comedy category. Isnt comedy suppose to be funny?
  21. Thats true. Mrs W funeral. Im still sad over Carol passing. However they address it, it will be classy and in remembrance of Carol and Mrs Wolowitz
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