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  1. If people want to see disrepect...look at the downright porn out there going around about Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (both in character and as people). It is amazing how downright pornographic that stuff is allowed and yet it seems no one bothers to think about how disrespectful it is to Sophie Hunger and Amanda Abbington. Yikes, that stuff is downright scary.

    I don't think anyone has been disrespectful here of Jim or his relationship with Todd just because they enjoy the sweetness between MaJim. If there was that kind of disrepect happening, I think almost all the regular posters of this thread would be on that immediately to stop it from happening.

    Omg. The Sherlock stuff ive seen on tumblr. Wow.

    I know the posters here are not posting abt jim and mayim. It was more geared toward the ppl on.instagram who hound jim to.post majim pics or them kissing, or for.jim to break up w todd to be w mayim. Them ppl

  2. I like mayim and jims friendship but thats all there is. Friendship. Mayim has deep respect for jim. and todds relationship. Just look at her glsen awards speech she gave for jim and todd.

    I dont see why ppl romanticize mayim and jim ..yeah.they are close friends but some ppl are blurring the lines of shamy and jim and mayim. Shamy isnt real, as much as i want it to be. Jim and mayim is. Todd and jim are in a committed and loving relationship and creating romance.between jim and mayim is kinda disrespectful imho. We all can dream, hell we all have secret fantasies. I know i do but as long as we dont post our fantasies to the real world, like on the actors instagrams, tumblr, etc...its all good.

  3. That's not annoying at all....

    Let's make someone you supposedly admire uncomfortable by asking questions he doesn't want to answer, because you want him to get married. :icon_rolleyes:

    Its a joke. Like they really want a 30 something mother of 2 as their flower girl. Id love to see that jumbo size flower girl dress. If they get married, great. If not great. They aint going no where. Its their life not mine. Would i love to see them married. Hellz yeah. Id be over the moon but if not, Oh freaking well. They are not goin to know me. They dont care abt my wishes.
  4. Yes, there are a bunch of odd Twitter posts on Jim's feed about people seeing him and Oprah on Ellen.

    Oprah and the cast of Selma are scheduled for Ellen tomorrow, but I don't get why Jim would be on the show..


    Dont pop my bubble Rachel. Lol. I still have my dream of being their flower girl.

  5. I gave it an ok. Wasnt feeling the raj/howard storyline. I normally like their plots but not this time. Kinda joking abt religion rubbed me wrong. You can believe in science and be religious. Look at mayim. Anywho.

    Sheldon and.Leonard part was cute. Leonard has stayed at penny's many times. I could believe 2 days but not 1 day at wk.

    Penny in the skimpy outfit (Insert Leonard eye roll)

    Im glad amy got to do what she she wanted. I thought she looked really cute in the ep.

    Not a fav ep. It was ok

  6. It was really good. I have never seen the movie. Dont like will farrel and had nop desire to watch the movie. After the initial shock of jim singing and gettin use to the character it was awesome. Jim has a great voice. From tbbt, never knew he had it in him. Yeah we heard sheldon sing but not like that.

    I tricked my 13 yr old into watching it. The moment jim came out singing. My daughter said "hey thats jim. That's why you wanted to see it" lol. But she liked it too. Great job Jim!

  7. As much as jim lovesld TNH i can see him do the sequel if done right and if all the cast is in it.

    I want jim kissing (or sex ;) ) scene. Oops. Did i say that outloud. Lol

  8. The show is very sheldon centered. Every wk is how wil this affect sheldon and what will sheldon do. Or how will sheldon handle this.

    Dont get me wrong i LOVE sheldon but i also love cast eps when They do them and when all gets fair share but alot of the eps are sheldon centered. Im ok w that. Some of the lenny stuff i agree sheldon needs to butt out. The airport scene. Sheldon was not needed.

    Sheldon has been away from leonard alot.

    When leonard and penny go away on wknds, leonard has been at pennys at night when sheldon barged in. I could have seen 2 nights a wk as a compromise and more believable but 1 night. No way.

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