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  1. Found this on instagram. OMG. Lmao. Simon shows up at 1:17
  2. Ppl make stupid comments. Thats the price of being famous sometimes.
  3. Bernie may not understand sheldon and Amy's. relationship but she now knows they love each other. Thats big.
  4. Id rather be Todd as well. He gets to travel, fancy events, restaurants, VIP, limos, kiss and love on Jim, see jim nak...... maybe i went too far. Lol
  5. Ty. Kissing jim. Im so jealous. Mayim now Jane. Ugh.
  6. I have to go brush my teeth, it might take a while lol.
  7. Damn damn damn. Thats one fine looking man. And he looks like hes next to a bed. Dammmmnnnn.
  8. I doubt auditions. He past that. Maybe otis and rufus at the groomers getting pampered. Lol
  9. Me too!!! I saw the airplane one. I rewinded twice.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like he has blush and red lipstick. Lol
  11. Jim is 5 yrs older than me so im good. My hubby knows Jim is my free pass so its all good. Lmao
  12. I think is ship rajamon over wolopali. Lol.
  13. Im married and i do the plunging and killing bugs in my house. My hubby literally gags at squrimish things. Im use to it. My gag reflex isnt as bad as his. Sorry to be graphic. My hubby killed a tiny bug, he threw up, and i had to clean the bug and his mess. Thats how bad it is. Big willow he is. Lol. Another note. Mayim looks gorgeous. Working that sexy body under all those layers of wool and polyester.
  14. Did anyone else get the jewish line to Amy? Lol. Amy isnt jewish but mayim is.
  15. Im so sad. Like loosing a family member. Part of my tbbt family.
  16. I heard its a rumor. I hope it's fake. Its a horrible thing to lie abt. I
  17. I DID TOO!!!! I thought i was just dirty minded....as always
  18. I need someone to post the ily. i have to work till 7:30, pick up ny daughter from a girl scout meeting, stop at the store then figure out dinner. I prob wont see until 8:30
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