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  1. Im married and i do the plunging and killing bugs in my house. My hubby literally gags at squrimish things. Im use to it. My gag reflex isnt as bad as his. Sorry to be graphic. My hubby killed a tiny bug, he threw up, and i had to clean the bug and his mess. Thats how bad it is. Big willow he is. Lol.

    Another note. Mayim looks gorgeous. Working that sexy body under all those layers of wool and polyester.

  2. So I'm behind on reading all of these posts, so apologies if this has already been said, but in the scene where Sheldon is telling Leonard that he's ready to participate in all the social conventions, he starts looking through his wallet. Did anyone else think "condom"?? ;):laugh:

    I DID TOO!!!! I thought i was just dirty minded....as always ;)

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