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  1. When someone tells you ILY and they are not a friend or family member, you know they mean i love you like a romantic partner not buddy. He said ily to penny and leonard before but they are friends, more like family. Amy is different. And you dont consider sex w a buddy. Well any buddy i would know. Lmao.

  2. You have to always have someone to assign blame :icon_cheesygrin: Sheldon's own rule :icon_cheesygrin:

    True dat. And.i not actually gonna kick someone's ass. Chill out ppl. Jeez. Id be pissed. Maybe stop watching but not hurt someone

  3. I finally watched I wish i was here. I rented it for $5 on Google play ... it was an ok movie imo. I mainly watched to see jim. He is in the first few minutes, in the middle and toward tge end. Each scene like 2 min or less.

    The storyline was alright. I liked garden state better.

  4. Omg. Ugh. i dont like musicals. I guess jim really wants to sing. I liked his voice during the last ep but it wasnt Josh groban.

    I also see that kate micucci is in it too. She is so cute. I love her.

  5. Some cute parts like the guys playing the games.

    Always putting down Amy's looks is getting old.

    To me 8:08 ep is a filler ep. eh its ok . I will still watch it but not like a million times like prom ep.

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