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  1. Im scared they gonna take the ILY from the episode now. Dont piss off the creators ppl. ***Breathes heavy in a bag***
  2. I agree what we read on the taping report must stay on this site
  3. Damn ppl, dont tell bill that we do spoilers or get taping reports. Jeez. What next, link them on bills Twitter??? He prob knows but dont blow our cover. Ugh ppl Im taking abt ppl how leak stuff to the cast and crew.
  4. I didnt go to prom and i am reliving thru shamy.
  5. Im been holding in my fangirl until my break. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Amy looks beautiful. She looks dolled up but still Amy. I wonder if sheldon was.wearing turquoise tie or handkerchief. Normally the couples try to match each other during prom. Awwwwwwwww Also was she wearing contacts or glasses?
  6. Are we sure the hug is in tonight's ep? Did they show batman the ep? I really hope so.
  7. I like both suits. Yeah todds suit does kinda looks like sheldons but i like sheldon suit so what do i know. Jims is a little tight but still looks good on him.
  8. Finally!!!!!!!! Awwww they look so cute.
  9. Me.on.instagram:Refresh,refresh,refresh,refresh,refresh,refresh... Where are thou Jim and Todd?
  10. What is it in LA??. I NEED MY JODD PICS ASAP!!!!
  11. It is my opinion. Maybe emily will grow on me, maybe not. Idk. I liked Lucy and ppl bashed her. My feelings wasnt hurt. Yvette was cute and she was a latina. Double points for me. We need latin blood in tbbt, they live in a LA and no Hispanics are shown except for the cop. Sorry personal rant. Anywho. I just want raj to find love even if its emily i guess.
  12. Im done with Emily. Shes too creepy and she is not getting along with the girls except for amy. And you know amy will choose penny over emily. She needs to go IMHO Im done with Emily. Shes too creepy and she is not getting along with the girls except for amy. And you know amy will choose penny over emily. She needs to go IMHO
  13. Yay GLSEN!!!!! I hope he and todd goes and gives us yummy jodd pics.
  14. The psychic did say if he gave himself to her, everything will come together.
  15. What if in the next ep. Sheldom and amy wake up in the same bed. Prom night was really good. Maybe.sheldon wanted to wait until.he found someone he loved to loose his virginity to. Shamy feels over again.
  16. What?!??$?$? Find out what amy was wearing. Was a amy dress or sexy mayim type dress? My shamy heart cant take.much more.
  17. Im hearing all shamy songs today. Accidently in love That coffee shop song Reo speedwagon. Cant fight this feeling.
  18. This x1000000000000. Long live the shamy.
  19. I can't wait for the rest of the gang hears abt the ILY. Omg.
  20. Im so happy for amy, she finally find love. After having such a hard life growing up, no love and no friends she finally has it. And sheldon loves Amy. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh Omg im crying again.
  21. Damnit. I cant fan girl at work. Omg omg omg I am still in a dream. Is this real or is someone pulling all of us a horrible Halloween prank. Its too good to be true
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