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  1. he is still being sedated for his health, i guess he as also developed pneumonia now, nurse would update me to much because they were busy, but will get more info tommorow
  2. thank you for moving the post, i know he goes the the "games" forum alot, he's still in the icu, he originally went in for an infected gallbladder that he had removed, he was ok for a day, but his condition deteriorated his lungs stopped working for he has been on a ventilator, he is still on it but they are trying to wean it. as of right now they have him sedated so he cant move or wake up so he doesn't hurt himself. i will try to update you guys later
  3. hey guys, i know my dad posts alot here but SUPER LEGEND (mike) has been in the icu the last two weeks and of course because of that hasnt been able to post, i will try to update you guys the next couple of days
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