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  1. Season 10-11 Hiatus Thread

    My mechanic wanted $700 for the same thing (Saturn (GM)). And I bought the car from them and they said the AC was working (in December. We turned it on and it blew out cold air...BUT IT WAS DECEMBER). I told them no. I got the part online (refurb in the US) for $99 with a one year warranty and my mechanic put it in for $200 (Freon and Labor).
  2. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Penny was a serial dater. She was not written for (tv) long-term dating. She was written to bounce from guy to guy due to low self-esteem. Leonard was the one to raise her self-esteem level. Consciously or sub-consciously, that's what attracted her to Leonard. He made her feel better about herself (most times).
  3. Chit Chat: Season 10

    But probably not the reason you think. First, Mayim is nominated in a different category than Kaley (supporting vs. lead). The playing field in Lead Actress for a Comedy is VERY tough most years. And the characters that the actresses are nominated for are sometimes more complicated/intricate/troubled/etc... . The supporting field is a little less competitive. Another reason is the combination of actress/character. Amy started out as a sad sack/loner/single person. The WRITERS gave her a personality and a boyfriend. (Sorry, she still is sort of a sad sack.) Penny's character, while having evolved, was not such a change as Amys'.
  4. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    That wasn't even a possibility. The show was renewed for two seasons. $100,000 from each of the 5 is small change to WB/CBS/Syndication money coming in. Plus, we only know the 5 offered to take a 100k cut to fund Melissa/Mayim. We don't know if they actually did or had to. TBTB could have raised M/M without the 5's money.
  5. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    But that makes you tie Penny's (self-)worth to a man. Penny is Penny because she's funny, pretty, street-wise and (mostly) can handle the geek-world even though she doesn't belong to it (or like it much).
  6. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    No one here can write the show. It'd be too Mary-Sue (or shipped or fan-boyish).
  7. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Ratings are only declining because fewer people are watching (metered/network) television. It's all proportional. TBBT is still the number 1 rated comedy. The ENTIRE TV audience is dwindling. Why can't Penny be an amazing marksman? The gun went off accidentally and hit the cushion, it's not like she was aiming for the door and hit the cushion. And before anyone says anything about Penny handling the gun, maybe there was a defective safety switch, or she thought it was on. We don't know and it was irrelevant for the story - the stain on the cushion. It happens to the best marksman.
  8. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    What job? The project is done (as far as they're concerned) and he's off for the summer till he returns to go back to his chosen field. Amy is only supposed to be gone 3 months (summer time). No problem with deciding what coast to live on. Sheldon only questioned if Leonard's' question was appropriate not because it embarrassed him or Ramona, but because Sheldon thought Leonard was flirting with Ramona (in front of Penny) trying to find out if she was available.
  9. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    I assume most of the people here know this piece of trivia, but for those who don't, that song was written by Ramona and Lucy (Garfunkel & Oates).
  10. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    I would say that Don Knotts won Emmys for Barney because he was acting. Mr Knotts was not a bumbling buffoon in real life so acting ability had to come into play. On the other hand, as good an actor as Andy Griffith was, he was playing Andy Griffith, laid back, problem solving. The academy voted based on that.
  11. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    It doesn't work like that. If the season starts early enough, we might get 24 episode. If it starts late, we get whatever they can make (following union guidelines (4weeks-work/2weeks-off per six weeks)). If that's 24, 20, 17, that's what we get. EVEN THOUGH the point is moot, because it looks like they settled so there won't be a strike).
  12. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Woah there! The phrase "making out" was NOT used. And, by the way, it was Penny who kind of forced Leonard's hand into telling her. He may have not told her if she didn't add the "no surprises and no regrets" and then Leonard says "no surprise" and she says "and no regrets (?)". That's when Leonard blabbed. But again the words "MAKING OUT" was NEVER used. Alcohol is not hypnotism. Most people won't take a dump on a floor (or street) when sober but drunk, it might happen.
  13. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    Leonard never cheated on Penny either, so it's irrelevant. Secondly, I was comparing degrees of physical contact. You can't equate a kiss with having sex.
  14. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    YOU assume A LOT with that answer.
  15. [Spoilers] Discussion: Season 10

    How do you equate a (drunken, possibly single) kiss to someone Penny was banging on and off for a while?