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  1. Posted July 25, 2018 New sequel: Hofstadter Acres Leonard decides to quit physics and buy some farm land in Nebraska (near Penny's family) and make a go of it. Penny's brother becomes a (court appointed for community service) farm hand who keeps calling Leonard his dad.
  2. No matter how many times someone says it, one kiss (drunk or sober) is NOT "hooking up".
  3. I can see a Flash-forward in YS with a few TBBT people.
  4. Like Anu show up at the ceremony and fight SMG for her seat next to Raj.
  5. First, I don't like fan-fiction either. The only fan-fic I ever liked was the Hogan's Heroes one where the tied up everything. Second, while yes it may seem like fan fiction, I didn't originally envision full multi-page stories. Basically Plotted out (like a real episode) posts. I based this on the old usenet days when we Round-Robbined the (original) Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation (not the video of the same name. They took some character names from us, but changed how the story finally ended). Someone would write a few lines, then the next one would continue. But that doesn't work here. Each person (or persons) plots out a whole BBT episode. It would look sort of like a Taping Report, but in plot order.
  6. What else is there to do on this forum? There's the Young Sheldon section. TBBT has no new episodes coming, so.....
  7. How about a SEASON 13 FORUM. We can plot out each Season 13 episode. Someone proposes a plot. Maybe a quick vote if it's feasible (some "proposed plots" may be too out there). A few rules may be included such as: 1. No couple swapping. The episodes must continue as the (main) couples are. Raj, Stuart, Bert et al can be attached/broken/whatever. Just an idea.
  8. Amy didn't come up with a random idea either. She made a comment on the symmetry/asymmetry of Sheldon's tie (as did his mother) which triggered the idea in Sheldon. Amy helped with developing it (probably unlikely but possible).
  9. I was arguing that we don't know if TBBT Wil Wheaton is married or if TBBT Sarah Michelle Geller is married.
  10. I understand the Penny/Kaley difference, but Penny looks just like the actress who plays his daughter in the Priceline commercials, assuming the Shatner at the D&D game did/does Priceline commercials. The point I was trying to make was that characters based on real life people (Shatner, SMG, Wheaton, Hawking, et al) do not necessarily mirror their real lives. Look at Wheatons' sausage fest. No mention of his wife, Anne or that he was even married. If you went just by TBBT, you wouldn't know he was married.
  11. We don't know if (this version of) Sarah Michelle Gellar is married. It's a fictional version. And it has precedent. TBBT's William Shatner does not know/recognize Penny as his "Priceline" daughter. Also, SMGs name is actually never mentioned, she's just pointed out as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
  12. I sorta disagree. Howard would continue to have been a lecherous slime ball had he not found his "soul mate", Bernadette. Raj not changing/growing just shows he hasn't yet found his. When he does, he will grow and be "what some people" want him to be.
  13. There's only one person a piano should fall on (if it didn't already). And that's Cooper with a Double-Hockey Stick. Your "ending" goes against EVERYTHING that was shown on the show from DAY 1.
  14. You must have missed the part (idea) that THEY keep on living as they did. We just don't get to see them every week anymore. Their song has ended, but their stories never end......
  15. Penny's happy about it. I don't know why people are upset. It fulfilled the prophecy. And... in real life, your attitude towards things DO change. Especially with the way this happened. Some women, who showed NO maternal instincts whatsoever, on becoming pregnant switch. I'm not saying all. But, TBBT is not a political statement, so they did not have to continue on with the line that Penny says she doesn't want kids.
  16. What other reaction does one expect from Sheldon. He hates change. This was a big one. Along with the attention he's getting for winning. Then, there was a two month gap between Part 1 and Part 2. I'm sure he hugged and congratulated her during that time. Nope. Penny is his (female) confidant. Amy was (one of ) the cause(s) of his problem (the big changes she made to herself). That doesn't change just because you get married.
  17. Where's the "hate and insults"? That's what Jim Parsons said in the interview directly above my post.
  18. Well, if you can believe Jim, there is no squeezed out baby for Shamy. Thank God. Unfortunately, he seems to also indicate there is no time jump. Could he be misdirecting us on both, or one?
  19. I imagine a line (from VO Sheldon like "I'll bet my (2019) friends were listening to the Nobel awards too." Cut to each one doing EVERYTHING BUT listening. I'm 99.99999% sure it's not Big Bang Babies (Muppet Babies) where they're all together by chance and not remember in the future.
  20. She did not make it very (irrevocably) clear. And she's previously said she did want some one day.
  21. He could be an illegitimate brother (son of Beverly or Albert)
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