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  1. A lot of the episodes this season was very hit and miss with me...this one was just...meh I'll start by saying...Penny...GET. SOME. HELP. 1. I like the whole princess thing (Except the Penny/Lenored ending)...is that real?, but Bernie took waaaaaay too seriously... (I mean you're going to cosplay as a fictional character. though she did look nice in her outfit.) 2. The moment I read that episode title that they were going to speak with 12 YO girls...I knew I wasn't gonna care for it much, but at least the girls didn't talk much and wasn't mind-numbingly stupid.,,but over all it was just...meh 3. I do approve of Raj/Lucy. I think she's perfect for him, though I do wonder how she'll play out with the other girls... (Nice to know I'm not the only girl who's afraid to talk to people.) Overall I'd give this episode a C+
  2. This was one of the more better ones, I was very satisfied with the ending...
  3. Barely True...it's a little cold (I get cold easily) TNP is watching TV
  4. True, a purple iPod nano. 5th Gen TNP lives in an apartment.
  5. Shawn I started to say Sheldon...
  6. Brownies Pants or skirts?
  7. TPAM has a charming way with words
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