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  1. Sorry if it has been discussed earlier in this thread ( i am a liitle bit lazy to scroll over through 19 pages lol). So, i am just curious if Hawking expedition team in the North sea achieved a huge success and perhaps got some big result to support his theory. What will the team including Leonard get? Is it just a matter of cv, recognition (further cause for the team to continue working with Stephen Hawking again), incentive money or are there anything else?
  2. Here in Indonesia, TBBT is getting popular now in this recent two years and we also have a little bit like a forum for TBBT. Most of us here are watching TBBT for the new comedy show and we are not really into the shippers like Lenny, Shamy or other pairings. As i found out on that forum, i may conclude that they are a little bit boring about the show because as far as we accept pairings but this season has become "ruined" by too many romance drama in this season story line and lack of fresh scientific jokes and new story ideas that no includes pairings drama. We are too intoxicated by having
  3. It looked like Leonard like the leader in this group when all of them at H/B apartment from the yesterday episode and i like it. From my point of view that, when Leonard wear the suit or tuxedo, his character look like braver and showing more courage aura.
  4. you know, it is possible to be one of the reason that to minimalize or to overcome that fear of sleeping with someone else they have to move in together . Perhaps, we will get it on last episode of this final season haha.
  5. And it will never going to happen between them. He admitted out loud and said it to Penny. Leonard cares all about Penny including her insecurities and he will try the best to keep this long-haul relationship and never ever losing her again
  6. i don't think that there is just the commitment issue that Penny have to solve but i think in the future that there will be more much problems and i don't know what will be it to happen to see. I'am afraid that you know that there is not enough time to resolve those problems from her and we get the worst thing happenned that there will be no marriage until season finale. Yeah you all guys said and Penny was also said things got better but you know, imo things just got better to Penny's herself not to Leonard's. Like she is just kind of selfish in this relationship. Until now, i am just lik
  7. Hmmmm, i think that i overreacted to this episode and not to take all the positive material this episode that brought to us. You have the best explanation and i hope that the writers have the same thinking of you that there will be no breakup or drama between them
  8. after reading the taping report, it is supposed to be that there will be no proposal things again until the rest of season 6. Given that the initiation have to be at Penny's hand and now her anxiety about the marriage issue,it is really kind of sick and upset that perhaps we will see it on season 7 or season 8 until she is "ready". As i ship L/P, this show like getting longer and a little bored. I don't know if you all have the same feelings like i have now.
  9. i enjoy so much and keep following your fan fiction especially the "hero" story. Is chapter 20 going to be the last chapter of that story c-trayne?
  10. Hello to you too Monique. I'd also agree that Raj is an amazing character. He has a fantastic job, for me he has more interesting job than the other boys' doing in the university. Back to the season 2 we know that he is on the list of People's magazine's "30 visionaries under 30 to watch" and it is you know is a great achievement. Perhaps, if Alex character will not being appeared again to the show, and i hope not , i'd like to have an episode when there is one kind of nerd girl who is really a fan and obsessed with Raj for years because of that great achievement adn accidentally they mee
  11. I'd love to see "Raj-centered" episode. Yeah with Raj would finally brave enough to ask Alex going out with him and "rocket to the moon" hahaha.
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