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  1. Of the top of my head a big one is how in the pilot Sheldon and Leonard go to a sperm bank and Leonard says to Sheldon he is "practically an expert" at producing a deposit when we know from the series Sheldon ifs so asexual that when he is guided by Amy an how to massage his own sore shoulder the pleasure of touch from his own hands causes him to say he has never been touched like this before. Clearly in the pilot they had not yet decided to make Sheldon completely asexual. Instead they leaned on the lonely geek stereotype that he is experienced in masturbation.
  2. Yes, this should happen but not until the series finale and only if Sheldon is forced into it by circumstances or is accidentally drunk and has no recollection. This could be combined by having Amy threaten to leave several times over several episodes, she says she can't live the rest of her life without ever experiencing the touch of a man and then when the whole gang goes to Las Vegas for some reason, Amy gets Sheldon drunk along with getting herself drink and her plans to get Sheldon to be physically affectionate somehow accidentally lead to a legally binding drive through wedding. Just today i tread about how this actually happened to Jeanie Garafalo 20 years ago and she didn't realize her joke wedding was actually legal and she had to get a divorce so the guy could get married. Then maybe after Sheldon realized the wedding was legal he would feel out of a Texas style obligation that he must consummate the marriage. Another scenario would be Amy demanding a divorce if Sheldon refused to consummate the wedding. Perhaps Penny would provide the coaching to help them overcome their mutual sexual ignorance.
  3. I know I'm jumping the gun a few years but I've been thinking about what should happen in the very last episode of the last season, hopefully many years from now. I was watching an interview with Penny where she said she hopes the series ends with her and Leonard getting married. Here are afew things ihope will happen in the series finale. I hope Sheldon loses his virginity with Amy, Howard gets his doctorate, Rajesh suffers a lab accident that gives him full ability to talk to attractive ladies, Penny gets offered a role on a regular series that conflicts with getting married, Bernadette has a baby, Leslie Winkle gets a Nobel prize related to the formula she fixed on Sheldon's whiteboard after sleeping with Leonard and Stuart has a customer unknowimgly trade a rare multi-million dollar comic for something mundane making him an instant millionaire. What do you want out of the very last episode ever?
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