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  1. What Chuck said was that Shamy is unlike anything on TV and they are very fun to work with.
  2. I'll say it again : TLA and TCR shocked the hell outta me last season - I did NOT see that coming, I'm thinking there are planning to knock these socks off again.
  3. I trust in Steve Molaro #thatisall. And Bill. And even Chuck. And Tara. And Mark (he's a really good director)
  4. Still...either the monkey or the study of it was remarkable....same as Penny
  5. I know I'm late : but its all deliberate. They have Sheldon NOT reciprocating on PURPOSE. They've been teasing us all season : Amy talking about Sheldon's thin lips, Him saying hers is too slippery, Bernie's comments about the sex life, Sheldon chicken pecking and talking about spider sex. Its all too convenient. Something physical will happen to end the season...I'm sure o it.
  6. Season 7 FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. But you see...Nobody really cares what you think. Amy is amazing and if you can't see that....I really feel sorry for you.
  8. Oh please. She had 1 scene and she is 'fleshed out' Ridiculous. Amy and Bernadette injected life into this show and allowed it to expand it to where it is now. Also, I'm sure Mayim Bialik is NOT worried about your opinion on her 'weird parenting', I bet her kids grow up to be more well adjusted than you seem to be.
  9. No offense, but if after 3 seasons you are still carping about 'the right amount of Amy and Bernie' then I truly feel sorry for you.
  10. One little thing I like : She tried to rope US into...and 'Don't Worry!'
  11. Jim Parsons doesn't turn my wheels so to speak, so the wifebeater I can do without tbh.
  12. Nick, give it a rest, they see what they wanna see....lets not drag us all into the delusion.
  13. Gosh, they are such a couple's couple now - that whole conversation with Penny about going to the play "Could I want to go because I HAVE TO want to go?" "Do whatever I want, or whatever I HAVE TO want?" Oh, Amy's got him GOOOOOD!
  14. Guys : Her work with the monkeys is over, could this signal a shift towards a new phase in their relationship too?
  15. The part when he called to ask how work was going, lemme translate that in my everyday speak (How I sound calling my bf during the day) : "Hey baby, what's up, how's work?" Just in SheldonAmyESE
  16. Yup. Something very COMFORTABLE with them. They are in a great space I think. The awkwardness is not really that detectable anymore.
  17. Something felt...off, it was funny but it didn't quite hit the sweet spot. I LOVED Raj's description of himself... :-)
  18. Just going to point out that his GF sent him back over there to do it and its better because of his OCD. So...yeah.
  19. Not as dramatic as I thought it'd be... An OK episode. Really liked the Raj pickup at the end, well written and executed. Lucy hasn't done a thing for me yet...so umm....yeah, I need to see more or less of her. And Amy being a good influence on her Sheldon. Otherwise... Meh.
  20. I really don't think it has anything to do with purists who make up less than say 5% or even less of viewers. Most casual viewers want them to do it and get it over with. They will drag it out a little of course because its a sitcom and they have to keep viewers interested and then before it becomes too stale - they do it.
  21. You are right, but this conversation is too awesome to end. LOL.
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