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  1. Well, looking at it. You've gotta know what end your using to brush with? Of course your 'gums' could bleed or something but then you might have nice, minty fresh breath.
  2. Dude, u aren't getting me to line Penny any time soon. So pour your energy elsewhere. Go fanboy over her to someone that cares.
  3. Or spank her her summin else entirely. Let me put down this glass of vino and step away from the computer.
  4. Ross and Rachel 2.0 but not as interesting (to me anyways....)
  5. I don't even know where to begin either (heee heee) And as for Gerard isn't actually a toothbrush but a you know....NOT A TOOTHBRUSH (hint hint)
  6. Or she can have multiple O's (3) or multiples of 3's....6, 9, 12 and he insists on whimsically inventive ways to make sure this happens.
  7. Between talk of petting his snake and doing things in threes... What if Sheldon were to ask Amy about Gerard? Or...ask her (in his own way) since they are not having sex, how she copes or he accidentally walks in her bathroom/bedroom while she's umm...brushing her teeth... And converse!
  8. Sounds doable and I would actually like to see that - incorporate Mrs. Wolowitz and we'll call it a deal.
  9. A Bernadette pregnancy that plays out in the final season would be awesome.
  10. I had a HARD day in the lab today. I spent 8 hours in the lab today and this was the first thing I laughed at in hours. Thanks. And this thread made me smile....
  11. Promo Photos are here : YAY! http://www.seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-6-episode-18-the-contractual-obligation-implementation-photos.html#6
  12. I like Sheldon/Penny scenes....no problem with those. Penny alone on the other hand....uh NO!
  13. Oh I wasn't bullied in high school...at all...I tortured a few ppl in my spare time (regrettably) but I was one of the 'cool nerds' sts...and most of them (dumb jocks, dumb cheerleaders) are pumping my gas. #justsaying
  14. On another note, a sneak peak is out - for us here in the States http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv4QvF8uTQc Will try to find a clip for Los Aliens on here. "That sounds terrible....why would I want to do that" - Oh Sheldon :lol:
  15. Someone on FB said that Penny should remain a waitress to show that bullies in High School amount to nothing...I agree.
  16. I think folks NOT GETTING the joke and subsequently labeling it as 'lame' is hilarious.
  17. Because Mayim's hair is extra shiny (just ask Glamour magazine), Amy's hair is looking AMAZEBALLS.
  18. I'll ignore it - I have a short fuse. Monique, all I was saying is I wasn't looking forward to Spoiler Alert & I loved that episode. So since I'm not really looking forward to this one based on the taping report...it may change too.
  19. Pretty Dunces - no time for them. No use for them. I'm a total Sheldon in my condescension.
  20. I'm not upset if they cut it at all....not really looking forward to this ep. But I surprisingly like TSAS so miracles do happen.
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