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  1. Oh, someone posted this on Tumblr Who is an EC Who is qualified? Someone you trust. Your contact at home is indispensable in an emergency situation. In some cases, they may be trusted with your bank accounts and personal information. As such, you should choose someone with whom you have had a relationship that is long term and not subject to change.
  2. Ok. TOO DAMN MUCH of the Analysis is focused on Sheldon. What about Amy? Do we not care how she might be feeling?
  3. I hope to cow she isn't permanent. Raj is an ass most of the time and more screen time for him....uh...NO! Not a huge fan of Raj either.
  4. I still wonder about the private moments between them during that bath. Sheldon must have felt something stir or something he's not used to happening happened hence his remarks about Amy & the shower and his being unprepared for that level of intimacy continuously.
  5. Who else things that these incessant 'emergencies' were just a test of Amy's loyalty to him. Just like he tested her with 'boo boos and ouchies' shortly after the RA was drafted. And for the V-Day ep, my fave part was when she says "Well then that's what we're gonna do" and the pats the half of his spot she wasn't sitting in. EVERYTIME I watch, my eyes well up at the point.
  6. I don't have to. I don't like her....so she doesn't deserve to go anywhere. Simple. I'm not saying its logical.....its just what it is.
  7. Meh, I just care for her at all, so what she does or doesn't do is of little to no interest to me. The writers can do what they wanna, I'm sure some will love it..I won't. Its ironic, Leonard is my all time fave character and Penny my least fave...go figure.
  8. IMO = In MY OPINION. And most ppl that like her are men, who like her for her looks. IMO. I'm not gonna be hypocritical and be all like Yay Penny!
  9. For the love of COW - stop posting in this GodForsaken thread. LET IT DIE!
  10. No offense, but not everyone cares for Penny.... She's the least likable character on the show and does not deserve progress IMO.
  11. He was no different around Alex than he was around thunderdome Kripke. Not a fan of Alex ....so her scenes I can do without.
  12. I don't like ooc claims...who decides what is ooc? Wouldn't the ppl who create these characters ie Chuck Lorre know them best? Just saying
  13. One more thing, as I've said many times, TLA laid the groundwork for this season's emotional development and sealing that bond around them. So something at the end of this season will lay the same groundwork for their physical relationship's development....next season.
  14. Most classic sitcoms have 1 or maybe two weddings for their entire runs. So I'm going based off that.
  15. That was so not a look of fear....he was so turned on he didn't know what to do with himself. LOL. He's attracted to her or he wouldn't be thinking about having sex with her. C'mon, this is non-debatable at this point. All that's left to overcome are his mental blocks.
  16. Question, the show has 1 more wedding in it, who gets it? Lenny or Shamy?
  17. He just wants his Amy all the time. One of my fave scenes was them climbing the stairs after work....
  18. At the end when Amy says "Yes I still want to be your emergency contact" is akin to her saying "Yes...I still want to be your girlfriend"
  19. Regarding the hug...Penny and Wil Wheaton are FRIENDS....Amy is his GF....hugs mean something entirely different. But the physical contact wasn't the point of this episode...it was all about the heart. It was a perfect 10.
  20. I dunno, I'm finding the hug the least interesting part of the scene, and Sheldon didn't look exasperated....he has that look my bf gets sometimes 'Yes, yes, I rocked your world' That entire scene was just BRILLIANT. I had a Sheldon Amy search open on twitter at the time and the tweets started pouring in.....thats when it started to trend in the USA. I really can't enunciate what I feel about it all.....there was something other worldly about it. I'm not that caught up in the physical interaction for this episode....it was all heart. The physicality will come....because he is working on it.
  21. Apparently Sheldon and Amy were trending worldwide too....
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