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  1. They freakin' TRENDED on Twitter....in whole US of A baby! I screen-capped it!!!!
  2. And another sneak peek : http://tv.broadwayworld.com/videoplay.cfm?colid=463546
  3. Interview with the cast and sneak peak http://www.etonline.com/tv/130544_Sneak_Peek_of_The_Big_Bang_Theory_Valentine_s_Day_Episode/
  4. Monique, was Amy very singsong in the tag and can u point to a previous tone Sheldon had when he said "I heard you the first time"? FANK YOU!
  5. One little thing re the WW fight. Amy knew she was in the wrong but still wanted Sheldon to defend her. Its kind of like me and my bf, I don't care if I'm being unreasonable or wrong, I am your gf, so you better defend me....LOL.
  6. I nearly pissed myself. I wasn't so much of a Shamy shipper then, but I was gobsmacked...I was like WHOA, the hell was that?
  7. Fun game we started on the other forum : Given Sheldon's tone in the V-Day promo, we started some other things he might say in that tone : "Yes this is our first night as a married couple but these sheets do NOT scream married scientists....it screams hippies at a love in" "But he/she is top of the class!" "It's not my accomplishment. The Nobel Prize is my accomplishment." "You're his/her father. It's your genes." "...I'll dust fast." "Sheldon, your daughter's going to be married in two hours! We need to go now!" "But the 75th Doctor Who Anniversary TV Special is on." "You're her father. Social convention says you have to take her down the aisle." "Can't you take her down the aisle instead?" "Do I look like her father to you?" "Why would you look like her father? Of course you don't look like me!" "Yes Amy it's our child's graduation but I can't leave my Nobel Prize undusted." "Yes, yes, I am proposing to you. Now let's go buy me some Legos. Yes Amy, we're having a baby but have you read my paper on string theory? Anyone care to join in?
  8. How many TV shows have done better than "The Big Bang Theory" with long-term relationships? Perhaps they won't go down in history with Jim and Pam, Maddie and David, Sam and Diane or Beatrice and Bendedick, but with Valentine's Day approaching, it should be noted that the CBS sitcom has kept things lively with no fewer than three major ongoing romances among its characters. The topper has been the love story brewing since Day 1 between Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco, taken for granted by the TV Academy and overdue for an Emmy nom). The two have been circling each other for 5 1/2 seasons now, occasionally dating other people but always the series' romantic focal point. But in recent years, the building connection between Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) has been a treat. Each character was nearly robotic at conception when it came to social skills, which makes it all the more remarkable how naturally their intimacy with each other has evolved. A couple years ago, you wouldn't have dreamed it possible for Sheldon to be in any kind of close relationship. Throw in the solid love affair-turned-marriage of Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), and you've got three couples defying the conventional wisdom that love is the death of comedy. Last week's episode offered the most recent example of the fine touch "Bang" has had, with intersecting stories involving whether Leonard-Penny and Sheldon-Amy would start living together as couples. In each, one of the characters (Penny and Sheldon) were able to show how torn they were about the relationship moving too fast for them, without it feeling contrived. But the finest moment of the season might have been December episode "The Fish Guts Replacement," when Amy became ill, but realized that the TLC she would be getting from Sheldon would help break down the barriers against physical contact they've had. With its ever-booming ratings, "Big Bang" has a long way to go and might someday stumble. But for now — and for a long time now — the show has given a master class on how to make romance on TV work. Read more: http://weblogs.variety.com/thevote/2013/02/big-love-the-big-bang-theory-aces-relationship-tests.html#ixzz2KoPsz5S1 To become a Variety subscriber visit: https://www.variety.com/subscribe.asp?screen=sc1 And :
  9. I *had* to share a little piece from this wonderful piece in Variety re: the Shamy
  10. They are in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Anyone who has EVER been in love can see that.
  11. You see Amy doesn't need a pity party. She is SO much more than that! MOST ppl are saying : GO AMY! Make an honest man out of him. This couple does not play for standard couple rules...they are totally and completely Shamy (which is an exalted class of coupledom).
  12. But you see...haters are exactly that haters. As someone I admire says 'You keep your head high and your middle finger higher' Haters are gonna hate, no matter what. MAJORITY of the viewing public loves Shamy.....so they can go kick rocks.
  13. But....so what is she's pushing though? Is he not HER boyfriend? Haters can suck it. Just go to twitter and search Sheldon Amy on a random day...about 80-85% of the comments are positive.
  14. My fave Disney princesses are Mulan, Jasmine and Tiana (naturally)
  15. How DARE YOU! They are SO NOT THE SAME! Snow is sweet, kooky, brave, sincere, curious, orderly....while Aurora is demure (somewhat), delicate and vapid, playful.
  16. This sounds AMAZING! So...Amy is : Penny is : And Bernie is : I hope we see promo pics!
  17. Your mind is closed to the beauty that is the Shamy.....open and let the sunshine in!
  18. Yup. LOL. I hope they release pics of the girls as princesses though. Did she have her Tiara (I would think not....but still)
  19. I for one, think it will be HILARIOUS, Majim is a magical unicorn, they deliver gold everytime. Tags are normally the funniest part of an episode.
  20. As a woman, who is a scientist and a budding engineer, I am SO PSYCHED for this episode. Sounds really well and I can't wait to see the girls esp Amy as Snow White. Thanks again Monique and Kyxzz!
  21. I can't wait to see it, and I'm glad that she comes home to him and is lying on the couch afterwards. Aww bless. As for the kiss....we didn't see TLA coming last year of TCR and it hit us bam! in the face. They've been making multiple references to Shamy and sex/kissing, so we'll see...his 'thin beckoning lips' her LOL Snow White quips. I dunno...I'm just intrigued by it all. May sweeps is 3 episodes...
  22. Agree....slowed enough for non-sweeps and will gather steam again for May.
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