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  1. We've had like 5 episodes in a row with them together physically...so I love stories without them together sometimes.
  2. Thanks for the teasers. Bed again till the AM.
  3. At least 4 before a tease is up, so yes...tomorrow is better.
  4. Product Placement is standard MO on TBBT, Alienware laptops anyone?
  5. We see hug better now : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A9PiGXTzjw
  6. The Texas Instruments FB page spoiler seems very tied in to tonights taping. Can't wait.
  7. Sheldon is my 3rd fave character tbh, after Leonard and Amy....so my patience with him is already very thin.
  8. IMO, the intellectual bond is what kicked off their relationship, so I think they are decidedly NOT showing it, because we all know and everyone knows thats how their relationship started. But now they are dealing with the decidedly more complicated stuff....emotions and physical attractions. The intellectual bond b/w them is solid, its everything else that needs work and I don't feel alot of conflict this season, there is a tension in the air...and I LOVE it. Their arguments in s5 were alot more petty and trivial and they've only had 2 big blow-ups this season and the issues are decidedly more meaty. I guess what I'm saying is, I'm all for Counterfactuals...but we all know thats where it is based upon and we see it now and then but I'm all for the conflict and tension to push them forward. And I LOVED that episode the Re-Entry Minimization, my 2nd fave after Parking Spot. I guess I'm not bothered at those minor things...the big picture is all I'm about tbh.
  9. But tbh they kept them apart alot in s5 too and they had alot of conflict too. They burnished the intellectual bond back in s4. It is necessary I think to build a level of angst between em.
  10. I'm going to try to dig it up because I don't remember.
  11. A long version of the promo just aired on CBS and Amy literally GRABS him...LOL! Can't wait!
  12. I love our crew there, Meg, Lio...the whole Analysis crew. Those posts make my day tbh.
  13. Fan Forum. I'm there trying to find the post...but its hard without a search feature.
  14. Our resident psychologist Meg on FF had analyzed Amy and Sheldon for signs of love and she devised conclusively that they were in love. It'll be hard to dig up the post...it was really really long.
  15. Bernadette handles Sheldon like she handles everyone else ; she snaps at them. Nothin' special really, imo.
  16. That's why I desperately want Mary Cooper to make an appearance and give Amy some encouragement to fight the good fight in her relationship. I want her to say something like 'She came because she's worried that nobody has called her to deal with Sheldon recently' and they respond that they don't have to...Amy is right there. Although at Comic Con, TPTB said Mary would come to town to help Amy with something. I so hope it happens because this would be the first season w/o an appearance from his mother.
  17. I started watching TBBT 2 episodes from the season 2 finale. I've watched it religiously ever since. I remember when Amy came on in the S3 finale and I was like 'Huh?...this should be interesting!, A girlfriend for Sheldon? Pffffffft!' But you know what I would miss a few episodes here and there and not care to catch up on it. But towards the end of season 4 and early season 5 when he clocked Leonard, I was like WHOA! there is something special going on here. I have to watch this unusual and utterly fascinating duo. So...while I love the other characters with Leonard being my #1, the Shamy gives the motivation to keep tuning in and join forums (which has stalled my productivity sometimes) So... Yeah.
  18. To the OP :Yes. Yes it going to happen. And you are going to hate it.
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