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  1. This was a collage I made of just a 5 of over 40+ couples I found dressed as Shamy for Halloween.
  2. How about Amy help him cheat? To the guys it seems as if he's successfully done it - lets say the time frame was a week - but of course Amy was helping him cheat the whole time...everyone finds out he was cheating in the end...
  3. I had a somewhat similar headcanon. However, I had the guys or someone point out how attached and dependent he is on her and him tries to prove them wrong. By DELIBERATELY trying to return to Sheldon-BA (Before Amy) and of course he fails miserably. But ur idea sounds great too. And one more thing, *if* Amy were to ever leave him - do you think he would put up that wall again? Regress? Shut himself off.
  4. Amy picked his emotional lock in TLA. She opened up the can of worms that is his emotions. Re-watch that episode and see that ever since then he's been a ball of feels. Even 43 Peculiarity and TSS, he was very emotional.
  5. Oh he wasn't. His voice was soft and apologetic. No phoniness in there at all. He wasn't scared, he was hesitant and unsure of what to say or how to process before she blew up on him and then he got scared. And Sheldon can LIE. He lies when it suits him and he can keep a secret...he's done before.
  6. I may be shot on sight for saying this : but she DOES want Sheldon to act a little differently sometimes...do stuff a normal boyfriend would do. She finds his quirks 'cute as button' but lets not say there is NOTHING about him she wouldn't slightly modify. But it is a throwaway comment...so...
  7. I share alot of Amy's frustrations and IRL I have none of her patience, but the girl has a plan...so she may loose some battles but will eventually win the war sts.
  8. US sitcoms almost always count the seasons as years and try to keep up with current time.
  9. He's been using these pronouns alot recently : OUR, WE, US.
  10. Hmm....on some level, empirically speaking...it is ridiculous. I think when she's frustrated with him (just as when Leonard is) - the agreements they signed become a source of ire and contention.
  11. Licking his own...looking at her slippery ones. Lets appreciate Pammie's gif.
  12. To think we were all down in the doldrums when the taping report came out & now we are loving it. My babies had a fight over something real & consequential. And it wasn't wrapped neatly in a bow at the end. The emotions are still there coursing through...I'm intrigued.
  13. I agree with you all. There was an other worldiness going on between them. The air was thick with emotion - so much of it unexpressed. When I get home...I'll rewatch and give my take on the gammut of emotions we saw on display.
  14. This is the single funniest thing from last nights episode.
  15. I loved that she said his quirky personality that others find 'rage inducing' and 'abhorrent' - she finds cute as a button.
  16. I LOVE Amy in this episode. A freakin' ROCK STAR! And he said her MOUTH is too SLIPPERY! *snickers* I'm sorry, I am LOVING this episode.
  17. So...something could fall in/on/between them. *snickers*
  18. Phanta! You naughty minx! Take it to the Shamy thread.
  19. Mayim's acting was off the charts spectacular in this one...it came across way better than I expected. I loved it. Really liked it lot.
  20. Yay for Amy finally telling Sheldon off and standing up for herself.... Really good episode. Well acted. Funny. LOVED IT!
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