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  1. You have all seen the sides for 6x18 right?
  2. As I chemist I'm very distraught at the lack of representation of my SUPERIOR science on the show ( ) So. More elements, properties, compounds and famous reactions plz!
  3. Jim looks like a running back....more than a QB. And it aired during the marathon pre-game show CBS had on.
  4. We rock. I screamed when I saw it! LOL. I'm basically watching for the commercials cuz the Patriots or the Jets aren't playing. It made my night already.
  5. I cannot get enough of Perv!Kripke. I just rewatch for my Shamy fix tbh.
  6. I would LOVE to see Amy tear Alex a new one. That would be special.
  7. Wow. Good going all of you. Makes good reading on a busy weekend. And Spook...you are a writing GOD. That is all.
  8. Oh...I totally crack!ship Shelnard. Love their bromance!
  9. After sleeping on it, watching it 5 times and getting food in my system (I forgot to EAT!!!!) I can now say what I thought about 6x14 - I loved that they are together all the time, after work, discussing their days. - I loved that she can easily detect his moods - I loved that she ASKED him if she could comfort him and he said what do WE, not me or I, what do WE HAVE TO LOSE? - I loved the hug, start to end to middle to back to front. - I loved that he was shaking and hyperventilating and when she held him, he calmed down and when she let go, he started up again till she held him and he touched her arm. WOW. - I loved that when Penny first said "Sheldon has a girlfriend?" He said..."No...I have a girl who is a friend but she is not my girlfriend" and now when Kripke says "You have a girlfriend..." he says "So?" - I LOVED all the made-up sex life, the love she has for his genitals (LMAO), the NIGHTLY basis (he associates sex with nighttime) and BOY HOWDY ITS MAGIC (Remember he once said "Where did the magic go?") - I loved that he thought making up stories about him and Amy made him 'look good' - PENNY I LOVE YOU FOR ASKING - He says its FREQUENT, INTENSE and WHIMSICALLY INVENTIVE - like WHOA! He's OBVIOUSLY given this ALOT of thought... - I loved his initial reaction was that it was PERSONAL, not a laugh off, nor a flat out no... - Before explaining he made it clear that he is QUITE FOND of her (So...its not that he's not attracted to nor that he doesn't love her) - He is WORKING ON IT. He's having alot of self realization this season. He knows he has issues and he is WORKING to overcome them. He is becoming the man he wants to be (Spidey speech). Before he answered with the immortal words, just the fact that he is WORKING on it, meant YES, I WILL. - He thought about it and said 'Its a POSSIBILITY'. I cannot even deal with this up to now. - And captain of the good ship Penny herself.....let me love you and freak out with you at the same time. Please don't abuse Leonard..LOL...I love him - Kripke's perversion gave us more gold : He was BUSY (intensely) squishing the DESIRABLE parts of her body (which is fond of) AND...there is model rocket BESIDE HIS BED. He associates Amy, on a nightly basis with his BED. WOW. This is just too much.
  10. I wanted it too much. Now I have it...I can't even form coherent sentences. Overload.
  11. A little over half an hour to go! WOOT! Made it home!
  12. You should be ashamed of yourself for that corny joke... But I can't stop laughing
  13. Its 5 mins to midnight here in beautiful NYC, I'm off...tomorrow is THURSDAY!!!!!
  14. I don't care for Alex, or I don't care that Raj is getting a girl... So. Yeah.
  15. Precisely. And I am curious as to his reasoning for turning down The Canterbury Tales. He knows his girl so well.... But I have a lot hard day in the lab and operating machinery but by the time I get home and settle down..it'll be THURSDAY!
  16. Steve Molaro and Tara and Bill and even Chuck are my BFFs. I trust them. My OTP of all time, QAF's Brian and Justin had ALOT of give and take, sometimes they lept forward with giant steps, next they baby-stepped. The only mistakes and a GIANT one at that was the final two episodes of the entire series. So...at this point, I think we should just relax and let them play it out before we start complaining again because honestly...who would think that Sheldon would be considering sex so soon..... Bernadette's comments were not all in vain. Lets just CHILL - we haven't even SEEN the episodes - before we start taking it down. Please.
  17. Baby Steps...we have at least 3 seasons left...it will all come in due time. Let him continue being the ball of emotions he's recently become before progressing to expressing said emotions. Amy picked his emotional lock in TLA and he's been feeling things alot more since then, his physical interactions will be a much tougher lock to pick...but we'll get there...
  18. Dudes, I just rewatched the Tiara scene and I just smiled how Amy grabbed onto him and squeezed for dear life. That is her hugging technique. Sheldon's boa constrictor.
  19. I'm just getting ready to enjoy February sweeps, so I'm not thinking about May sweeps just yet. Last year after we got TSTM, TVS, TWV we thought Shamy needed a little something extra and we got TLA and the emotional hand hold. So at this point, I'm willing to just lay back and enjoy the next three to four weeks before I start thinking about that tbh.
  20. My third favorite character after Leonard and Amy. So. Yeah. I just wanna slap the shit outta him sometimes so on that note, he most definitely cannot be my favorite.
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