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  1. I used to watch Blossom as a kid...and reruns in the late 90's...it used to come on TBS after Charles in Charge. She was also in a Michael Jackson music video...and that just ROCKS!
  2. I see so much of myself in Leonard is scary at times, I share all his quirks, hang-ups, his realism. He's the best character on this show imo in terms of a REAL PERSON. That's why I despise Penny so much of the time. He needs to be loved, unconditionally and openly. Bless him.
  3. After Leonard, Amy is my girl....she's such an odd duck...but I can't wait to hear what comes out of her mouth next...and Mayim is just excellent.
  5. I have 2 hours free midday so I can log 100 or so votes. Next....Sheldon's dichotomy : 'I'm in Hell.....Don't stop' 'I feel like a Boa Constrictor is crushing me......Why did you stop?' I am loving the torture he's in. More please!
  6. No one is saying the couple doesn't have issues. Its just a BEAUTIFUL love story and you CLEARLY don't know what a toxic relationship is.
  7. Her boyfriend was being really sweet and she wanted it longer and he was not terribly upset at it. But you keep telling yourself whatever makes you sleep at night. When Sheldon and Amy get married you will keep shouting : BUT THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS!
  8. Lets win THIS : http://www.eonline.com/news/382302/tv-s-top-couples-vote-in-round-one
  9. She actually did NOT enforce the RA. She said "Goodnight Sheldon" and closed the door. He stopped in his tracks and of his own volition told her he cared and will take care of her. Lets see u not see that.
  10. Force Sheldon to hold hands? Trick him into caring for her? Do you watch the same show?
  11. Ok. I am READY for Thursday. Just saw TFSA and got my Shamy feels anew. My babies are growing up!
  12. But he doesn't want her to stop. He loves being constricted. Hee Hee. Btw, TFSA airs in 5 mins on CBS....its fitting they would air this before another giant step in their relationship.
  13. I'll be at work too. That promo damn near killed me son.
  14. I meant if* she is in the episode. If. Stealing posts at work..no time for edits.
  15. Read Mayim's blog post...hopefully she's back from Houston for 6x17 reading & she is in the episode.
  16. Oh and as for the comment after the leg pat...I can see Jim Parsons totally turning that line & playing it not how it is read. Also...as for Sheldon ending the hug..that shows progress...he is working on it...its gonna take time & we have lots of that.
  17. I agree Spook. I think something physical will happen...just not sure what. Although I know coitus is out of the question this year....I wanna see expressed intimacy. Still 8 episodes left...1 more sweeps & one more sweeps period. So...any card can be played.
  18. Sheldon and Amy will have sex at least 1 season out from the series the finale. Gives the writers at least a season to play with the aftermath. We got 3 seasons of Daphne + Niles after they got together at the end of season 8 and a year of Fran + Max after they got together. The fallout after doing the deed is too rich comedic ground to leave for the final season.
  19. Modern Family is HILARIOUS but I'm over it winning EVERYTHING.
  20. Mayim is BANGING tonight...and Kaley...
  21. Mayim is a total hipster....love them!
  22. I LOVE that Sheldon with all his hang-ups displays sexual jealousy over Amy. It KILLED him that Amy was into Zach, he hit Leonard when he thought he had used his groin inappropriately with Amy and he was scared that Amy might have 'lattes and intercourse' with Stuart. Oh and when Amy said someone found second base he looked back with a concerned quickness. I love that even though he isn't able to meet her needs as yet, he damn sure doesn't want anyone else doing that.
  23. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS! I love Amy and her no fucks given attitude.
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