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  1. Very CUTE episode, it wasn't overly funny but it was amusing... Jack-In-The-Box and Star Stangled Banner.....along with DOMINORGASM was brilliant. As for the line...Sheldon was clearly irritated and lashing out... And the ILY occurred when the man was in post-O bliss....men say ANYTHING then (trust me on this!)
  2. Popping into say : In the promo Sheldon basically threatens to cut himself into bits because of his frustration...so the "I wish you were dead" gets more context huh? I am looking forward to it!
  3. Seeing the additional dialogue...makes me ADORE Raj/Amy interaction. They are my new fave friendSHIP on the show. Adorbs.
  4. Tbbt is notorious for the non follow up. After Amy officially becomes his gf, penny says ily etc. I loved Amy not being an extension of Sheldon in this episode.
  5. I still like 6.21 - Sex Metaphor followed my Dice Sex in 6.23 followed by ?????????//////
  6. Guissssse. Supposed Sheldon was really nibbling (he really wasn't) but its fun to think he was.
  7. TLA unlocked Sheldon's emotional lock. TLSP unlocked his physical lock. Season 7 here we come.
  8. I must admit, Shamy - or the Shamy fandom - has been bugging me of late, so I've been avoiding it like the plague. But this makes me happy. It really does. It enunciates most/all of my thoughts.
  9. I think its a 10-day old April fools joke. Naah. Shamy is golden.
  10. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the angst/nastiness/uneasiness was leading up to SOMETHING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You know what. KILL ME NOW. This is not real and I am not seeing what I saw and I didn't read what I read. Nope. No. *screams and wakes up every single roommate*
  12. I just realized all 3 relationships mirror the boys relationships with their mom.
  13. Keie - your post was brilliant. Characterizes the development & evolution of their relationship perfectly.
  14. I think its brilliant. Not always happy with everything...but they do their job well.
  15. Sorry. But fan boards aren't representative of 'half the audience'. Check twitter, FB, Get Glue etc. People loved it. Most saw that Sheldon was an ass & Amy was a saint. And it was funny.
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