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  1. This was the EXACT reaction of my roommates when they were watching that episode.....they are casual viewers. One of my roommates fell off the couch and was doubled up in laughter.
  2. Promo Photos are OUT : http://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/photos?page=1&show=the-big-bang-theory&type=all
  3. My absolute FAVORITE character on the show. He reminds me ALOT of my self.
  4. My 2nd fave character - my flawless queen...J'dore you so!
  5. The second half of seasons 4 and 5 have ALWAYS had more Shamy...this season shall be no different.
  6. Have we ever had Sheldon/Amy walking up the stairs before?
  7. It is only the natural progression. Seriously, only SHAMY would get me excited about KNEE-PATTING!
  8. Well guys...we have hugs, knee-patting and general touching of sorts, my kiss will come, don't when but I'll be patient....we've gotta get one for the season. May sweeps....? Or the next sweeps episode? We've had THREE episodes in a row with Shamy scenes/plots, so...I'm pretty sure the next episode will NOT be Shamy or relationship centered.
  9. Ikr. His JOB. His WORK. She's his out. His call....its just so PERFECT!
  10. My Shamy love been posted elsewhere, as for the rest of the episode : H/B sounds like a typical early married couple or any married couple for that matter or speaking from experience, living with a SO, issues like these arise all the time. L/P. GO LEONARD! YOU STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! Raj/Stuart...and their awesome party. C'mon...who DOESN'T love this. I love how it sounds...I'm sure I'll love watching it... Just LOVE!
  11. Ok, I have a break and I have my supervisor's laptop. Re-reading the report : 1. I LOVE that they are walking up the stairs together, its basically she picking him up from work and them just talking about their day and typical Shamy talk...then we assume they go into the apt to talk about the plans and have tea 2. If I had an ASSISTANT I WOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT IN A STORE BUYING GIFTS. I never know what to buy even if its for someone special...so I LOVE that he basically told Alex all about his girl and everytime he says 'his girlfriend' is a win in my book. 3. I LOVE the critiques of the gifts and why they wouldn't be right for his girl. 4. The apartment scene. Just totally and completely SHAMY. Just so much them. He was willing do something he doesn't really enjoy, she takes the pressure off him and does something she doesn't really like and he totally rocks her world by giving her EC form. Like. If that isn't love HE TOUCHED HER LAP/LEG...they are getting awfully touchy feely these days eh?
  12. Monique....I just stole a peek at work...and omg! It is so Shamy. My otp is perfect. Will discuss & freak out later.
  13. The joke about bowel movements and spice and how that relates to V-day. Maybe the cold has frozen my senses...I don't get it.
  14. Really? Season 4? Only 2 episodes come to mind but he's extremely happy with her in almost all episodes...or he wouldn't keep her around. Btw, NYC is below 20 degrees today and I HAVE TO WORK ALL DAY.
  15. Thats the sweetest part...shows in the end, he knows his girl best after all.
  16. Ok. I need Alex to buy stuff for ME and by stuff for my friends. I love how he keeps refuting the gifts by his knowledge of his Amy. Can't wait for more.
  17. He does flirt with her all the time tho. Most blatant was Wil Wheaton.
  18. Report being typed here : http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/index.php?showtopic=3278
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