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  1. They were climbing the stairs together (squeeeee) and she likes the color grey and monkies (squeee x 2) and a ton of cash (squee x 3) *waits in glee for more*
  2. Alex was in this episode and 2000 dollars?! WHAT?! I need to go read that!
  3. Glad you made it home Monique! Looking forward to it and did he hug back?
  4. Screen and Paper and totally diff. Ok, Bed. Now. FOR REAL!.
  5. Well...coming off their fight last week and the whole moving in thing.;...he probably needed some reassurance that he's not being pressured.
  6. Not to repeat myself but EXACTLY. My mom, Dad and Brother are my emergency contacts. I've never considered putting a bf there. I'd only change that when I get married or really committed in a relationship. I'm going to bed....LONG day tomorrow. Thanks Krys and Monique's texts.
  7. Yup. That a huge admission and giveaway on his part. I dunno. I'm loving this actually.
  8. This is SO totally Shamy though. Sheldon Cooper, in terms of Emergency call : AMY FARRAH FOWLER. I'm happy.
  9. Ok. Thats so not what I expected...lets see how this pans out. I'm kinda disappointed but it does keep with what happened last episode. And Emergency Contact....that sounds intriguing. My emergency contacts are my parents and SPECIAL family members and if one were married, then the husband becomes the contact...so I'm liking it. I've never put a bf as a E-contact EVER! But hey...I'm easy.
  10. We don't know what happened tho. Lets wait a bit huh?
  11. I'm pretty sure Shamy were paired off except that was no 'action' or am I totally misreading this. H/B L/P Raj and Stuart so it'll be S/A no?
  12. I think she meant no kiss...not that they weren't scenes together.
  13. No kiss....well I'm not THAT disappointed. Still wanna know what happens.
  14. I woke up to check for said teaser and I was literally dizzy trying to turn on my computer. I need to calm down and try to get more sleep.
  15. Imma go sleep early tonight and get up at 3 to check for my OMG Holy Crap freak me out teaser.
  16. So...you make another thread to bitch and whine? Go watch your seasons 1 & 2 DVD's and get trapped in a time-lock
  17. A pregnancy in the final season is pretty standard for most sitcoms and other characters announcing pregnancies and depends on how they do the series finale...it may be children than babies.
  18. Why must I defend science? It is being attacked? No...so it doesn't need any defense from me. Its good to know I get the "inside" jokes they pull but I watch TBBT for the totality of the experience and the SHIPS are a special part of that whole package.
  19. Last time I went to any taping in LA was 3 tapings of Will & Grace in 2006. I've been to The Daily Show, The Wendy Williams show and quite a few others that tape here in the city.
  20. ME TOO! I see people say stuff like that on Twitter and elsewhere I wanna scream : BUT HE IS WORKING ON IT AND IT IS POSSIBLE. But I don't.
  21. I just HAD to post Anjels' gifset here. Shamy...then and now :
  22. Me too. Chemist turning Engineer here. Show is as good as ever.
  23. Well...I'm in. New York to Cali ain't nothin' but a thing!
  24. Love the sneak peak....can't wait!
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