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  1. Dude...just do your best...and DO the holy crap freak us out part then u can do the tidbits later...but I wanna read that and then try to sleep till 5 am before flying out of my bed to read more.
  2. Well I have an unexpected midday break, trying to get some e-books whilst organizing my semester/work hours and counting my pennies. I have an evening class plus getting home...so I'll be occupied till then.
  3. Oh Monique, when you do your usual teaser when you get out of taping, lets us know the episode title.... Thankies.
  4. This was such a perfect post. I want to frame it and polish it every day.
  5. We have about 18 hrs to go before we all melt into a puddle of feels...so we're hanging in there.
  6. One more thing, re reading Johnny's comments regarding the V-Day....he said the series started doing BIG THEME episodes i.e Christmas (Penny-Nimoy) so the V-Day is in keeping with doing a big THEME show, the writer was just recalling the plot of said episode...it actually gave nothing away about this episode...
  7. Aaah, but Sheldon so CLEARLY kissed her back... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQY8XV3wQXo
  8. I think I'll survive if there is no kiss...if something equally sweet and significant happens.
  9. That showed Sheldon's interest in Amy wasn't purely intellectual as he showed sexual jealousy...Amy wasn't all there with him yet.
  10. All of their moments have been uniquely Shamy. So...I'm pretty sure this one will be too.
  11. Lets take it back to the CHICKEN PECK! What was up with that? "He could be having the time of his life" He's been really thinking about this a while huh? A freakin' BENJAMIN for his thoughts when giving her that bath.
  12. So....that's something Amy can look forward to someday huh? And I LOVE that he made the connections "a nightly basis" and that he has a model rocket "beside his bed" So...Amy, Nightly, His Bed. I can dig it.
  13. What? Sheldon did so not say this...OMFG! I cannot wait to see this! Any other funny lines regarding his imagined sexual prowess? Do you remember the line about she being fond of his genitals.
  14. Spook, most of those comments are from rival ships and people who think Sheldon shouldn't date at all. Water off a duck's back. I don't care what they say anymore...its not coming from a place of objectivity imo.
  15. Seriously....this is the SLOWEST moving weekend.. Most faster TIME!
  16. I think the kiss (which I am saying is a 1000% certainty ) will be decidedly NOT spontaneous,planned and totally clumsily but sweetly execute.
  17. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! This will be the longest 4 days of my life. But the Patriots are playing & my team Chelsea are gonna kick Arsenal's ass. Come on Wednesday morning!
  18. Spook, I am kinda just waiting for the screams of murder after 14 airs...I'm kinda anticipating it in a twisted way as well as the people I observe on FB & GetGlue who ask when Shamy are gonn get physical. Its still 4 more days to the taping...luckily I'm moving this weekend so I'll be somewhat distracted.
  19. That relationship agreement is kinda used more as a reference than a guide if you get what I'm saying.
  20. Well they've had a cute friendship over the years. Penny is my least fave character tbh - nothing appealing about her at all but I've had a small appreciation for the friendship she has with Sheldon.
  21. Thanks for your perspective Kyzxx... Its nice to see Sheldon spare Amy & admit to being a coward. Also I love the Sheldon/Penny friendship on display. We'll see where this is all leading to with the V-Day episode & the other sweeps ep to tape on 2/5.
  22. So, I just got my updated schedule from the University, I have Thursdays TOTALLY FREE FROM WORK/CLASSES from 2pm and my Wednesdays don't start till 10am. ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!
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