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  1. A brilliant line of writing : She's the snake in our garden. Nice...very biblical reference.
  2. Also : A brilliant line of writing : She's the snake in our garden. Nice...very biblical reference. I am in love with that line and intrigued. So Penny (or his hang-ups) are the devil/Satan disturbing their Garden of Eden.
  3. Exactly. And we know his current thought process "working on it" - that would accelerate the process and put him in way more "real" situations than he is ready to deal with. On the writing trio. "You can't live here" and "You're not invited"... Me no like how they write Sheldon at times. On a positive note, the V-Day script cover will be out today...we'll see if Mz. Hernandez is on it.
  4. I have a feeling Amy doesn't hold Penny in that high esteem as before. Its been quite clear the shine has rub off Penny eons ago. Also, Sheldon AND Penny learnt not to be so caged with emotions.
  5. Also it get resolved in that Sheldon and Penny learn that they have to TALK about what they feel or shit will go down.
  6. Seems so. 1. We all know Amy doesn't really like Star Wars, Star Trek etc. 2. That reaction by Leonard was umm....over the top. 3. I LOVED that part of the episode. Sometimes he needs to hear the truth..... You are right, the more I read it, the more I love the drama.......and the soap opera like ending... Insert this :
  7. Also, this reminds me of The Weekend Vortex when Sheldon didn't tell Amy why he didn't want to go to the party...but now they are arguing about real things. Episodes like these are necessary evils, so to speak.
  8. Season 5 would not have them arguing about living together though. I could care less about what the haters say, they can kick rocks. All I'm saying it, it could be wrapped up in a bow with some emotional explanation from Sheldon but the emoting he did in 6 x 14 and the potential emoting will do in 6 x 16 would indicate not. The trio writes Sheldon too clueless and too shallow...but as for Amy, I don't feel hurt because Amy doesn't seem hurt...she seems pissed off which is always better than hurt. I so hope Kyzxx is going next week...so we know all about the V-Day gift.
  9. I'm still kinda reeling from it, but I know I like it. Gonna catch a few more zzzzzss then I re-read it with my morning coffee.
  10. Yup. Since they are revisiting story arcs, the loose ends can be tied up in another episode. But they are BRINGING it for sweeps. 3 STRAIGHT episodes of Shamy. My hear cannot deal.
  11. Thanks Kyzzx and did they show The Cooper/Kripke Inversion before?
  12. I don't feel *bad* for Amy per se, she comes off more angry which I can totally dig than hurt (The Weekend Vortex) which just tore at my heart strings. Also the "Coward" explanation goes a long way. Sheldon was a coward, i.e. he had issues with her moving in and he wasn't man enough to explain them to her (we don't know what they are, but his normally apprehension and love for homeostasis is a good guess). The more I read it, the more I like it.
  13. She loves him. My BF and I can have a total blow up argument over some jerk-wad thing he does and before its all fully resolved, I'm at the supermarket getting his grocery. I love his retarded ass. They want us to assume it was resolved off-screen which is typical TBBT style....which I don't mind...the ending is more funny that serious. And in a serious episode it has to end of a humorous note....
  14. Hmm....after re-reading it all... Its not *that* bad. Its a grown up argument about actual relationship issues. I don't get the "Poor Amy", I get that both Sheldon and Penny need to verbalize to their SO's their feelings more.
  15. After re-reading it... I kinda like it. It wasn't a typical Sheldon or Amy screws up and they have to apologize....its a real grown up, feelings hurt blow up ARGUMENT about real things that happen in *actual* relationships. The resolution isn't perfect but is certainly different.... Also, I noted that Amy listed all the reasons she's good for him. WOW.
  16. I don't feel *bad* for Amy, this just confuses the hell outta me. Next episode is V-Day.....so there is nothing there.....
  17. We'll get there eventually. But Sheldon said he is scared? *goes back and reads*
  18. LOl. I think that was a throw away gag.
  19. Wow. Umm. I'm very sure this will all look very different on-screen....but this sounds like an emotionally heavy episode...and we go alot a of *things* Wow. Thank you both.
  20. Oh em GEE! The Friendship Contraception part 2. Lol. Can't wait to hear this.
  21. Monica did that already. To Chandler that is.
  22. Their first kiss was too early so they chalked that up to drunk! Amy. Next kiss won't be swept away. Although I would love it, I wouldn't be terribly upset if we didn't get it.
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